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  1. Hey Tanman: Email me links to Yahoo league and LeagueSafe -- countingdollars123@gmail.com. Thanks.
  2. I'm in and I'm paid. Looks like only 6 have paid so far...clock is ticking boys and girls...
  3. Hey mharoldsn - Email me the LeagueSafe link you used -- countingdollars123@gmail.com. Thanks.
  4. Hey Commish. The LeagueSafe payment deadline was yesterday. Please update so we can pay. Thanks.
  5. People also need to pay right after they sign up -- signing up with no payment is no help.
  6. Hey Guys. A 12 team league is ideal and I might be able to live with a 10 team league, but I can't participate in an 8 team league -- it becomes a bunch of all star teams which takes away some of the skill which is part of all good fantasy leagues. I'm lurking (I accused someone else of that yesterday and they seemed miffed...just speaking the truth). Clocks ticking...
  7. C'mon misterarmand, you know you want to draft tomorrow in this league (you have been lurking all day). Just sign up and pay now and go to bed knowing you will be drafting tomorrow.
  8. In other words, if you signed up for this league, pay your entry fees through LeagueSafe now or get the f*** out. Hopefully, the Commish will not be upset by my direct comments -- I don't even know the guy...:-) BTW, good luck this season to all the paying teams...lol.
  9. I never understood why people sign up for a league and then fail to promptly pay entry fees. Maybe someone can enlighten me on that strategy? By signing up and not paying, it either locks out players willing to promptly pay or forces the Commish to expand the number of teams in the league to ensure the desired number of paying teams is achieved. In this particular league, the Commish had to expand the number of teams to 16, with the hope of ultimately getting 14 paid teams by draft time tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EST. C'mon man.
  10. Hey Kirk. I'm game and can pay immediately. countingdollars123@gmail.com
  11. Windy, I joined...we have 5 teams now...push start time back 90 minutes and we might get to 10 teams.
  12. Mike, I know you tried to fill this league on Friday and failed -- I would be interested if the draft starts after 9pm EST and prior to Midnight EST tonight -- my email is countingdollars123@gmail.com.
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