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  1. Don't even know where to start. Lost the last 3 weeks, including this week to barely miss the playoffs. Effing kickers...so sick of them. It doesn't matter who I pick up. They're all terrible and cost me. Lost last week because of missed FG. This week, I run into these clowns...Parker, Guice, and Alshon Jeffrey. GTFO with these scrubs. Going against a guy that hasn't done jack all season and is going to be the highest scorer in my league by a big margin this week.
  2. I needed that TD, but whatever. Lamar Jackson is the best player on the planet. Incredibly fun to watch. He's shown such tremendous growth as a passer as well. I can't help but root for this kid when I've typically balked at the style of play. Keep going LJ.
  3. 36 more points from Lamar and I win. He's gonna do it.
  4. 52 from Lamar. 6 pt passing TD league. He's going to do it. I can feel it.
  5. Dude is hot garbage. He'll have his big games, but the clunkers are atrocious. Absolute dumpster fire.
  6. This game sucks. I suck for starting Mike Williams.
  7. All aboard the Torain Train! Choo-Choo!
  8. F'in hot garbage. Can't even get 1 point from Juju.
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