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  1. I may be interested, depending on price and keepers. Email me at madduxfanbrian@yahoo.com
  2. I'm interested. I'll take the Twins. Madduxfanbrian is my Fantrax name.
  3. Hello All! I was a long time AL Only owner in a 10 team auction keeper league with minors that had lasted 20 plus years until it folded a couple years ago. It was a big-ish money league ($300-$400 in fees). I would love to be in a league like that again. Have a league opening like that? If it was a Minnesota "meet in person" league, and on CBS Sportlines, both would be a bonus, but not required. If you have an opening like that, e-mail me at Madduxfanbrian@yahoo.com!
  4. Hello All, I am looking to join a Fantasy Baseball league, and if you have an opening like I am looking for I would be interested. I would prefer Keeper, Auction, Season Long Roto, somewhat deep (16+ team MLB or 10+ team AL), and fees someplace in the $100-$300 range. If it was a live league in the Twin Cities area, even better! I was in a ten team AL Roto for ten years until the 30 year league folded two years ago, and last joined a league I liked but I cannot make the draft date. I would prefer to join an established league, but would join an impas
  5. I might be interested. One Question, is $260 auction to fill all 30 spots, or just the 23 starters? Madduxfanbrian@yahoo.com
  6. Never done a slow auction or used Couch Managers. I'm in to try both. Madduxfanbrian@yahoo.com
  7. I might be interested. Is there a draft date (or a draft at all?)? Is there money involved? Madduxfanbrian@yahoo.com
  8. I would be interested. Is it season long roto or head to head? Do you have a roster for the open team? Madduxfanbrian@yahoo.com
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