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  1. Likely starter. I might take a chance on him with my last roster spot. Might as well lol
  2. Well, Killian Hayes probably out for a game or so at least with an ankle injury. How you guys feeling about Rose?
  3. Immediate update -- saw Capela was IR eligible. Slid him over to IR, scooped Boucher. OG survives
  4. Boucher is on my WW and I'm dropping OG for him. I feel like I have no choice
  5. split minutes exactly with Satoransky. I low key might drop for Sato lol
  6. 2nd highest +/- on the court tonight. This kid might be a better real life player than fantasy player for a little while.
  7. This guy is becoming one of my most "hated" players lol
  8. That's a pretty reasonable take I think. I could definitely see that happening.
  9. You guys think he can approach Brandon Clarke from last year territory this season?
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