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  1. Hi, I'm in a 6x6 H2H category league. Can keep 6 of the following in the associated round. Have also been offered a trade - Soroka (28th round) for Albies. Any advice would be appreciated. Player: round Bogaerts 6 Albies 7 L Castillo 9 Glasnow 10 Meadows 15 McNeil 22 M Chapman 25 L Weaver 26 Muncy 27 Urshela 28
  2. Hi all, Living the shift-work life in Australia. Looking for a late night draft ideally later than 10pm US EST. Need to be specific on draft dates of 15-18th August or 23-25th August. Ideal buy-in free-$50. Prefer ESPN but not necessary. Open to either snake or auction, happy to consider all formats.
  3. Hi all, A few Aussie friends and I are in the second year of a redraft league. Moving to Fantrax this year. Specifically looking for other Aussies or people in the Oceania region as draft and all communication will occur in our time. Basic details 12 teams (9 in so far). H2H cats (HR, RBI, R, SB, OPS, K, ERA, SVH2, WHIP, W+QS). $25 AUD buy in. Draft date to be determined once league full. Any questions or for invite feel free to PM or email at ciwheldon@gmail.com
  4. Hi all, Starting up a new ESPN H2H points league. Snake draft on 22nd of March. By in $25 via League Safe - need to pay prior to draft date. Basic settings below. PM or email ciwheldon@gmail.com with further questions or for invite POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUMS
  5. Hey, interested but would like to see the full settings incl. draft date please. My email is ciwheldon@gmail.com Thanks
  6. Interested but also need to see league settings please. ciwheldon@gmail.com Thanks
  7. Hi All, Starting up a H2H auction keeper league on Fantrax. Will be a 12 team H2H categories with details as follows: Draft: Online, fantrax, Weekend of the 22nd of March. Ideally 23rd at 9pm EST. Budget $280. As many minors as you like (no designated slots) Roster: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF x 5, SP x 2, RP x 2, P x 4 Categories: OBP, HR, R RBI, SB, ERA, K, SVH, WHIP Line ups: Weekly Fees: $25 (+ fee for fantrax premium ~$5) Prizes: $200 winner, $100 second Keepers: TBD, ideally 3 year contracts with 5%, 10%, 15% increase in price
  8. Interested but I'd like to see the full rules setting. Got a link? ciwheldon@gmail.com
  9. Thanks Hootie. Apologies I left out can keep up to 6
  10. Hey all, I'm in a 12 team H2H keeper league. Categories are AVG, HR, OPS, R, RBI, SB and ERA, WHIP, K, QS, W, SV. 22 man active roster. Keeper value is round drafted or last round if picked up during the season. Below is my list and the round I can keep them in. Fairly sold on Taillon and Muncy with the return/value I'll get. I like the idea of taking a punt on Mejia in the final/penultimate round. The rest I think I'd order Haniger, Bogaerts, Chapman. Thoughts?? Taillon - 13 Muncy - 28 Mejia - 28 Haniger - 18 Bogaerts - 7 Chapman - 2
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