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  1. Yes, it is a 9 team league if you're interested. And guessing from your name, you'll be happy to know Freeman is a free man (well, he'll cost you some of your salary cap...). Send me an email to ariz + on + a + cup + id (combine all that into one word without the plusses) at yahoo period com. and I can send you the spreadsheet of the team (as seen above, but with more detail), the documentation on how to fill it out for your keeper list, and a detailed set of our rules so you'll know how our variant works. --Erik
  2. We have a free ESPN 9 team NL auction league opening, 20 starters, 3 bench, 6 minor leaguers. Keep up to 10 MLB'ers each year, minor leaguers as long as needed (or they are called up). Honestly, a not-so-good team, but if you like Dodgers, there's Kershaw and Muncy on the team and considering salary, you'd have the most available to buy Mookie. Good luck for your team(s)!
  3. Bump Wills. I do see there is more supply than demand here. Darn economic theory!
  4. triple bump. I guess the chicken didn't want to be hatched.
  5. Bump x 2. Have a possible taker, but not counting the chicken before it hatches and all that...
  6. I have an opening but it may become a game of first-come, first-serve between you and another prospective owner You can find the original forum message at: https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/802529-replacement-owner-for-free-espn-roto-nl-keeper-league/
  7. I have a spot in an established ESPN NL-Only Auction (260 limit, 20 active players, 3 man bench) 9 team no-money league with up to 10 keepers, and up to 6 minor leaguers and uses contracts that allow for keeping as long as you want/can afford. However, it is a bad team, Since it's free, you'd have nothing to really lose but your hair and sleep (as I said in my ad elsewhere on this site). The players are:
  8. You'll be allowed to keep up to 10 players in an NL League which has an auction on March 21 at 11am EST/8am PST. We have a 6 man minor league per team. However, a preliminary keeper list (due March 6th, hopefully, but as soon as you can is fine) submitted will let you see what other teams are thinking of keeping. That can be completely changed before you submit the final keeper list due by March 13th. That final list is binding in that you can't add any more to your keeper list, but can drop in case of injury/trade to AL/retirement/change your mind. This is a competitive league with s
  9. Maybe I'm too late, but I have a max. 10 Keeper NL League if you're interested. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/745073-free-9-team-nl-keeper-league-replacement-owner-with-experience-needed-asap/
  10. If you're willing to play an NL live-auction league: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/745073-free-9-team-nl-keeper-league-replacement-owner-with-experience-needed-asap/ If not, at least beat up the Yankees in the real world.
  11. I have a team available, not the worst as it finished 7th of 9 in a NL-only league. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/745073-free-9-team-nl-keeper-league-replacement-owner-with-experience-needed-asap/
  12. It's not CBS, but ESPN if you're interested in a NL-Only 9 team league where you can take over a team. I have posted on this forum about it at http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/745073-free-9-team-nl-keeper-league-replacement-owner-with-experience-needed-asap/ If not interested, hope you find your league!
  13. Bumping self... or bumping cars. I had my eyes dilated a few hours ago so I am not seeing perfectly well right now.
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