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  1. Otto Porter Jr. said he felt good while practicing fully. Said he’ll play when he’s 100 percent and he's close.
  2. And now, according to a report today coming from The Athletic’s Kelly Iko, Capela’s heel injury looks to be much worse than initially thought and could even be full-blown plantar fasciitis, an injury which could potentially last all season. According to Iko: Fasciitis is one of those possibly lingering injuries that doesn’t go away and generally only gets better with substantial rest— the kind that only really happens in the offseason. Meaning that even when Capela does come back, he could still be dealing with this issue in some capacity.
  3. nope and probably not, he may need to sit a few games to let the heel settle down, and that's It
  4. out of nowhere... a lingering left heel injury f---
  5. The loss snapped the Wizards’ three-game winning streak and dropped them to 11-15. However, the Wizards have a more pressing concern: just how much the left heel bone spur will limit their all-star point guard? “Some days it’s great. Some days it’s bad. It come and go. You know what I mean, you just got to monitor when it’s good and when it’s bad, don’t try to force the issue and play with that one because it’s kind of hard. You can’t run,” Wall said. “Today it just got real hot. It didn’t get no better.”
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