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  1. 7th round is really late. Thought I stole him last night in the early 5th...
  2. Wrist Injury. Hoping for just a few days off, no IL.
  3. Ok, so with the assumption he will not be called up, where does he go in redraft next year?
  4. Best Draft Picks: Brantley (111th overall) Tatis jr (274th overall) Alonso (279th overall) Worst Draft Picks: Taillon (6th rd) Severino (8th rd) Best Add: Yordan Worst Drop: Oh so many.... Ketel Marte, Moustakas, Puig and Yuli Gurriel Best Trade: Sold Altuve and got Devers Worst Trade: No other trades Still in 1st place but those drops really make my stomach churn...
  5. Shallow bench but still stashing him.... Killing me, but the day I drop him, he'll get the call... C'mon Sox...
  6. Birthday Call up? He turns 22 on Saturday.... Doubtful being on the road, but maybe?
  7. Great hands, great route running, decent size and speed... Gonna be a good year for Boyd. Solid production guy for those who go RB heavy early in draft...
  8. Just a bump to the discussion. I'm holding until after trade deadline and see if roster opens up a bit.
  9. So does he re-take the closer role? Liam has been excellent since taking over.
  10. Cam Newton, fully recovers from shoulder issue and finishes top 5 Watson and D-Hop are the #1 QB/WR combo in 2019 and Foreman takes over starting RB in Week 3 and finishes top 10 Christian Kirk 100 receptions OJ Howard Catches 75 with 10 TDs Latavius has 1k in rushing and 8 TDs Malcolm Brown is the RB to own for the Rams
  11. Rumors flying he may get traded to the Yank's, Braves or Brewers... https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/zack-wheeler-rumors-yankees-braves-brewers.html His second half ROS could be quite nice...
  12. Shallow bench 12 team league - Ketel, Woodruff, Robles, Franmil & Moose.... sigh Ketel was the one that hurt the most. I didn't draft him, he was dropped and I claimed but I dropped him to chase shiny new things.
  13. Frustrated owner dropped Aguilar. Shallow bench, so hard to drop guaranteed at bats in Shaw and Aguilar has struggled early. Other drop options would be Moustakas Muncy Franmil Worried about the platoon situation for Aguilar... Alonso and Gallo are my 1b so I have flexibility to just hold him...
  14. For a 20 team league, I'm liking the roster a lot. Few I'm big on this year are Olson, Haniger, Soler, Price and Roark Like you said, Hurting a bit in speed A. I'd stash Meija; just like his upside B. I like Pence and Fowler; if Fowler wins CF he could be a nice pick-up C. I Like Matz but don't know enough about Minor to have an opinion, but I would Keep Matz over either of them. Work the waiver wire and watch team managers willing to let the guys run...
  15. Yep, took him late last night. So as Floyd from dumb and dumber say's "..so your telling me there's a chance..."
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