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  1. Same order you put them in and like others have said a big gap between Donaldson/EE and Seager and Lowrie.
  2. So would you drop Montgomery or Taillon for Mize or just stick with what I’ve got?
  3. I was very high on Hiura during the draft and got him in a few leagues. I still believe in him and think that he will turn it on eventually this year. I would do this trade and pick up, this owner is selling Keston for pennies on the dollar and you could eventually trade him for much more. Yermin will also out produce Grandal as well.
  4. I’ve got Montas, Montgomery and Taillon that I could consider but still feel like they have much more upside than Kluber. Only a 10 team league so there are some good options out there.
  5. I would much rather have the high upside in Yelich. Harper has a history of injuries as well.
  6. In a QS H2H Cat league, would you drop Kluber for Casey Mize?
  7. Freeman, Hiura, Lindor, Harper, Snell, Luzardo, Mize and Sev
  8. Who are you taking ROS in a 6x6 QS cat league?
  9. Your batting is stacked I don't think you need another stick. Your pitching is fine but I wouldn't trade anyone to get another bat if anything I'd go get another pitcher.
  10. I would definitely give up Bradley and take back Blackmon. Bradley isn't even the closer and I'll take Blackmon this year but for the future it would be Tucker.
  11. For this season I'm going with Miller based on the hot bat and the amount of games he has left. For the future I'm going with France.
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