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  1. I listed the only players that I might be able to trade for: Stanton, Altuve, or Goldschmidt. All of the other top 20-30 ADP players are on teams where their five keepers are clear cut. The Altuve/Goldschmidt owner doesn't have five obvious keepers. The same with the Stanton owner. Those are really my only options for trade partners. In a 14 team league with five keepers, the top 70 players would be held in a perfect world. The returning champion's keepers will all be in the top 25. He has players that are ADP 45 or 50 that he'll have to toss back. There are more than a d
  2. Any other opinions? In a 14 team mixed with five keepers each year, should I keep Acuna?
  3. Would you plan for a keeper league in any way like you'd plan for a dynasty league? Our league has 14 teams, mixed, categories, 25 man rosters, with no bench. So it has about the same number of players taken as a standard 15 team mixed. We are 6x6 with Hits and IP as additional categories. The league has been going for 25 years, so all owners are very invested in their teams. With 14 teams and five keepers per team, you would expect the top 70 players to be kept. My best five are good already and I scooped a number of excellent prospects that have me
  4. In terms of notoriety and potential, I would put Willie Calhoun in the same category.
  5. Our league has run for 25 years. We're looking for one owner who will be active and show up for a live draft in the Virginia Beach area on March 25. League has 14 teams with 25 man rosters. AL/NL draft, one catcher, two RP, 5 OF. No bench. Limited DL. Each team keeps 5 players. New owner would get the first five picks of the draft so that all teams would have five players to start. $150 league fee, no additional fees. Five money positions. We have a great group of owners with good turnover in the player pool and a good mix of players winning money each year.
  6. So in a keeper league, draft him for what he could be in a few years? I know it depends on more of the specifics. I'll save that for a Bench Coach question.
  7. I've owned Quintana and even redrafted him last year. I was wary of his chances to succeed with the White Sox, and he proved me right. He righted the ship with the Cubs, but my gut has me favoring Keuchel.
  8. I like Arenado/Correa/Blackmon with the tough decision being between Freeman and Bryant. I'd give the edge to Freeman slightly.
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