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  1. That's what I'm thinking. It would leave me thin at RB though (Bell, MG3, Samuels and Mattison). We start 2.
  2. Thanks, feel the same about JuJu and Jacobs. Only thing is it would leave me thin at RB (Bell, MG3, Samuels and Mattison). We start 2.
  3. A: JuJu, Jacobs, Gallman B: Evans B owns Barkley 10 Team PPR
  4. Seems like a smart decision by them with the way he is acting....
  5. Lol would be entertaining as hell but Luck's done with football
  6. He has 0 trade value at this point and I doubt his teammates appreciate the entertainment value
  7. Just continues the circus. Just cut him and let the rest of your team focus on the season. What value do his rights have at this point?
  8. They'd be dumb to just suspend him. Just cut him, no one is trading for him at this point.
  9. It ends on him saying do you want me here without an answer. The way I see it, he wants people to see him as a victim like I'm just trying to live my life and work my a** off for this team and I don't even know if they want me here. Maybe I'm reading it wrong or he didn't mean it that way. If he wanted to just focus on week 1, why post it?
  10. It's week one, there's not much news other than this right now especially since Zeke signed. AB is all smiles because he's like wow look how much I can get away with on this team so far. Honestly, I only think it's going to get worse. I can't believe Gruden was actually okay with this. You're probably right and he's just catering to the player on that one. We'll see how this ends up I guess.
  11. Why would he release video of a private conversation with the coach where the coach is asking him if he wants to be a Raider and his response is do you want me here? I don't see what the intention behind that could be other than making the organization look bad and making him look like less of a "villain" as if people care about AB that much lol.
  12. Got him in the 8th in my 10 team PPR. He's my 5th WR so very happy!
  13. Rendon with this group would be deadly. As a Phillies fan I don't want to see it lol.
  14. Walk him and he'll steal second and then you have to deal with Albies (who is on fire atm) or Freeman.
  15. Keep forever league (QS/OBP H2H Cats) How close is Price/Conforto for Greinke? Team with Greinke is 7th and not really competing this season. Thanks
  16. Yeah kinda agreee with the first point. And looking to consolidate prospects anyway...
  17. OF is set with Betts, Acuna, Bellinger,Conforto, Robles. SS is Correa/Didi though I'm looking to trade Didi this season. 3B is currently Myers but not sure how long that will last lol. I'm going to have to overpay to get Franco unfortunately but feel like he's probably worth it. Edit: I could replace Tucker or Kiriloff with Trammel but I feel like that won't be enough.
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