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  1. 3 minutes ago, cowpoke2016 said:

    I would do it. Juju and Jacobs worry me (even though Jacobs had a great first game). Gallman is worthless to me considering he plays Min then NE and Barkley will be back after that.


    Thanks, feel the same about JuJu and Jacobs. Only thing is it would leave me thin at RB (Bell, MG3, Samuels and Mattison). We start 2.

  2. 1 minute ago, WestCoastMets said:

    I get AB is all drama and ego but this is on the Raiders. He apologized to the team, they say he’s playing, then they void his contract and take away his guarantees? That’s bananas. The Raiders could have disciplined him and not voided his guarantees. What’s AB supposed to do after that? Play week to week as he says, or essentially without injury security? I think AB contributed to and probably started the drama, but the Raiders took it WAY to far. A lot of other less dramatic players have held out for less. 


    Seems like a smart decision by them with the way he is acting....

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  3. 1 minute ago, Impreza178 said:

    I could be reading it wrong-  but it sounds like They need to suspend him before week 1 to trigger a clause that basically makes him paid week to week.    Damn smart by the Raiders if true.    


    They'd be dumb to just suspend him. Just cut him, no one is trading for him at this point.

  4. 3 minutes ago, egolam said:


    Well, you're right on the part he wants to look less as a villain, but I don't see how it is at the expense of the organisation. If anything this looks like couple renewing their vows, "lets put behind our wrongs and focus on week 1"


    It ends on him saying do you want me here without an answer. The way I see it, he wants people to see him as a victim like I'm just trying to live my life and work my a** off for this team and I don't even know if they want me here. Maybe I'm reading it wrong or he didn't mean it that way.

    If he wanted to just focus on week 1, why post it?

  5. 2 minutes ago, oban14 said:


    He probably released it because per his ego, people care about AB that much.  Look how long this thread is.  But it also highlights the difference between Gruden and Mayock, and how to handle someone like AB.  Mayock probably would have fined or suspended AB over this, and yeah he would be in the right.  But AB would be off the deep end, never playing for the Raiders again, etc.


    Gruden's reaction?  "It's awesome."


    So now AB is all smiles and he's ready to ball out Monday.  This is the point I've been trying to make for many pages:  GMs, sales people, managers, they need to know how to handle different personalities appropriately, or get rid of the ones they don't like, or "treat them all the same" and accept that some will leave.  There are people in this world who if you don't say "good morning" to them every day, they think you don't like them and grow resentful.  And there are people who if you say good morning to them every day, they get annoyed and think you're up in their business.  Good sales people/GMs know how to read these things and treat people accordingly.  Hopefully Mayock learns it some day.


    It's week one, there's not much news other than this right now especially since Zeke signed. AB is all smiles because he's like wow look how much I can get away with on this team so far. Honestly, I only think it's going to get worse.

    I can't believe Gruden was actually okay with this. You're probably right and he's just catering to the player on that one. We'll see how this ends up I guess.

  6. 43 minutes ago, egolam said:

    Damn, this thread runs on wishful thinking. Unless you want really hard to spin it that way, there is nothing negative about the raiders organisation in the video, I don't see why Gruden would press charges over something meaningless like that. When they signed him, they knew they were in for a media circus and honestly beside the GM altercation there has been nothing worthy of a release. And fwiw, I've no shares of AB


    Why would he release video of a private conversation with the coach where the coach is asking him if he wants to be a Raider and his response is do you want me here?

    I don't see what the intention behind that could be other than making the organization look bad and making him look like less of a "villain" as if people care about AB that much lol.

  7. 1 minute ago, 4catztoomany said:


    Hard to really know if it's hitting lead off that's really helped his numbers skyrocket or it's just random sampling but we'll take it right? Hopefully Snitker learned his lesson and will no longer experiment with Acuna out of the lead off spot.  Getting a solid power hitter (resigning Donaldson, maybe springing for Rendon) should take that out of the equation entirely.


    Rendon with this group would be deadly. As a Phillies fan I don't want to see it lol.

  8. 1 hour ago, 4catztoomany said:


    101 runs! 8 behind Mookie Betts for MLB lead. Average is at .299.  He just became the 6th player in MLB history to have 60 career home runs before turning 22.  K-rate is at 24.4% compared to 25.3% from last year and BB rate is up to 9.9% from 9.2% yesterday.  Does he have any weaknesses really? Not like you can avoid pitching to him with a pretty stacked 1-4 for the Braves. 


    Walk him and he'll steal second and then you have to deal with Albies (who is on fire atm) or Freeman.

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