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  1. OF is set with Betts, Acuna, Bellinger,Conforto, Robles. SS is Correa/Didi though I'm looking to trade Didi this season. 3B is currently Myers but not sure how long that will last lol. I'm going to have to overpay to get Franco unfortunately but feel like he's probably worth it. Edit: I could replace Tucker or Kiriloff with Trammel but I feel like that won't be enough.
  2. Keep forever H2H (OBP) A: Kyle Tucker and Alex Kiriloff B: Wander Franco Thanks
  3. Thanks, this is the way I was leaning. Meadows and Franco were just so tempting, wanted to make sure I wasn't making a boneheaded decline. Haven't looked into JoRam much this season other than hearing owners complain about him.
  4. Yeah, not sure what to think of him. Don't believe he is as bad as he was early in the season but I don't think he will repeat last season. Love Meadows and Franco though.
  5. Keep forever H2H OBP 5x5 A: Betts/Kirilloff B: JoRam/Meadows/Wander Franco Which side do you prefer?
  6. Just happened in my keep 15 forever OBP/QS H2H league A: Arenado, Turner, Mikolas B: Vlad Jr, Benny, Seager, Devers Don't even know where to get started on this.... biggest trade by far that we've ever had in this league....
  7. I'd see if that guy really wants any of your other players.
  8. Just waiting for Brantley to hurt himself or for Josh Reddick to remember he's Josh Reddick.
  9. Your good with your choices. Can always draft Pivetta again.
  10. 15 Keeper league H2H 5x5 (QS instead of W) Looking at a trade where I would give up Nola for essentially Thor and Flaherty. Seems like an easy accept but I'm worried about the headache of Thor's health. Someone tell me I'm crazy so I can accept. Other SP I'm keeping: Snell, Price, Darvish
  11. I'd make that trade but I believe in Darvish more than most probably.
  12. Which side do you prefer (Keep forever league, H2H, 5x5 with OBP instead of AVG) Round drafted doesn't change A: Kershaw (6th) B: Price (3rd), Castellanos (16th), Kyle Tucker (19th) Thanks!
  13. You wouldn't trade him for Betts or JoRam or Acuna? I find this hard to believe...
  14. Yeah, if you weren't keeping Seager, that's really good. Nice work!
  15. Think it will be around 10/350 but could be even higher than that. This is assuming he takes the highest offer.
  16. I think I have to keep him in my keep 15 forever league (6th round). Kind of unfortunate, but the only other pitchers I'm keeping are Nola, Snell and Price. Hard to trust him to stay healthy at this point but he could be a big source of Ks if he ever gets past it.
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