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  1. 9 minutes ago, secretagentman said:

    If you are the Betts owner and not confident in Ramirez, then there is no way I would do the deal.  Betts is a guaranteed top round player.  He is worth more if Ramirez ends up being some mid teen round pick next year.


    Thanks, this is the way I was leaning. Meadows and Franco were just so tempting, wanted to make sure I wasn't making a boneheaded decline. Haven't looked into JoRam much this season other than hearing owners complain about him.

  2. 15 minutes ago, secretagentman said:

    All comes down to what you think of Ramirez.


    Yeah, not sure what to think of him. Don't believe he is as bad as he was early in the season but I don't think he will repeat last season. Love Meadows and Franco though.

  3. 1 hour ago, Philly Phanatik said:


    It actually got vetoed the first time before the commish could approve it. The other owner really wanted Ramirez so we did Jose Ramirez and Jorge Polanco for Judge and Story.

    The commish usually approves every trade and let's people run their team as they want.


    I'd see if that guy really wants any of your other players.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, kwolf68 said:


    Never really got a strong look. Came into games mostly as a reserve. I think he was ticketed to AAA all along, to give him full time play.


    Just waiting for Brantley to hurt himself or for Josh Reddick to remember he's Josh Reddick.

  5. 20 hours ago, Superdood43 said:

    12 team H2H points keeper league where we keep 8 as long as we want at the round they were drafted, plus a 4 prospect farm system. (Prospects count as 30th rounders when called up)


    I traded: Rizzo(1st),C.Seager(6th),E.Rodriguez(24th)


    I got: Freeman(6th),Robles(30th)


    Wasn't keeping Seager or Erod so I think I did pretty good, can add Robles to my farm & it wont count against my 8 keepers going into the season.


    8 keepers now are: Harper(1st), Stanton(2nd), Thor(4th), Freeman(6th), Berrios(27th), Bregman(28th), Bellinger(29th), Torres(30th)





    Yeah, if you weren't keeping Seager, that's really good. Nice work!

  6. 1 hour ago, EmbargoLifted said:

    I predicted 5-7 years, $275-$325M back in October.

    Wondering how close his contract comes to that. 


    If it goes 7-10 years, It'll be somewhere between $325-$400M. 


    Think it will be around 10/350 but could be even higher than that. This is assuming he takes the highest offer.

  7. I think I have to keep him in my keep 15 forever league (6th round).


    Kind of unfortunate, but the only other pitchers I'm keeping are Nola, Snell and Price.


    Hard to trust him to stay healthy at this point but he could be a big source of Ks if he ever gets past it.

  8. 2 hours ago, TribeFoo said:

    Seems like either the Astros are planning to move Reddick or Tucker can be had for the right price. I'd like to think with a strong spring Tucker can crack the starting lineup if Reddick is traded. Count me in as a distraught dynasty owner...lol.


    Won't be distraught at all until he is traded. I think they see him as part of their future. I can go another season without Tucker being a major contributor as my OF is loaded and I think he will be worth the wait. Hopefully they just get rid of Reddick in the meantime.

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