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  1. I could see doing it for Bueller with your SP especially if you would keep him
  2. Keep forever league (H2H with OBP instead of AVG and QS instead of Wins) Should I trade Dozier (27th round) and Weaver (9th round) for Paxton (8th round) Can use some help in pitching and have Albies to play 2B.
  3. Nah, no way. Stick with Bryant. Acuna might be amazing but Bryant is already pretty amazing.
  4. Would you trade Dozier (27th round), Darvish (6th round) and Snell (12th round) for Syndergaard (18th round)? 10 Team H2H 5x5 (OBP instead of AVG) Keep 15 forever Team with Syndergaard lost Cano. WHIR
  5. If you can get Correa and Sale, I'd do it. But I don't think he accepts that trade.
  6. I would hold onto Escobar. I'd drop Kipnis or Pivetta. Lean Kipnis because it leaves you with pitching depth still.
  7. Mazara for me. Second option would be Dahl.
  8. 10 team, keep 10 forever, H2H 5x5 (OBP instead of AVG) Would you trade Dozier (27th round) for Carlos Martinez (18th round)? Have Albies to take over 2B and could use the pitching help. My SPs are Nola, Darvish, Manaea, Snell, Price, Mikolas, Weaver (we only use SP). Thanks!
  9. Thanks. Yeah I love Dozier and Nola, but Sale is hard to pass up.
  10. In a keep 10 forever league where elite pitching is really hard to come by. (5x5 H2H with OBP instead of AVG) Round next to player is where they can be kept. Nola (8th) and Dozier (27th) for Chris Sale (5th)? Am I being blinded by Sale? Also have Albies at 2B and the rest of my pitching is Darvish, Price, Weaver, Manaea, Snell, Shark, ERod and JMont
  11. Wish I could pull this off in my league (pitching is very scarce. Think you did very well getting Severino though.
  12. Benintendi and Moncada for sure. And yeah I'd probably go Bogaerts with the last one.
  13. Acuna bomb! (off Tanaka fwiw)
  14. I think Harper, Bryant and Sanchez are musts. The fourth I could go back and forth between Bregman and Benintendi. I'd personally go Benintendi especially since you already have Bryant at 3rd but I could see the argument for Bregman and saving money. Help me?
  15. I'd keep Betts or find a different trade. Feel like you should be able to get more for him. Help me?
  16. Yeah seems to be the consensus. It's pretty hard to get people to give up pitchers in this league so I will see.
  17. Tough and I wish we could know who would be available at 13 and 14. I'd lean towards Stras and pick up two nice bats at 13 and 14.
  18. Appreciate the feedback. Bogaerts kind of soured on me after last year so I'm not super worried about letting him go. I'm also trying to talk with the Syndergaard owner but we haven't had a chance to discuss much (still early obviously). Sucks to lose Dozier but I feel like the pitching upgrade is worth it so I'll have 3 pretty good pitchers to keep.
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