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  1. Yeah seems to be the consensus. It's pretty hard to get people to give up pitchers in this league so I will see.
  2. Tough and I wish we could know who would be available at 13 and 14. I'd lean towards Stras and pick up two nice bats at 13 and 14.
  3. Appreciate the feedback. Bogaerts kind of soured on me after last year so I'm not super worried about letting him go. I'm also trying to talk with the Syndergaard owner but we haven't had a chance to discuss much (still early obviously). Sucks to lose Dozier but I feel like the pitching upgrade is worth it so I'll have 3 pretty good pitchers to keep.
  4. It's definitely between Stanton and Correa. I think I'd give Correa the nod because of position, but should be good with either one.
  5. 10 Team H2H 5x5 (OBP replacing AVG and QS replacing wins)/ Keep 10 forever in round they were selected Note: We only use SP and can start up to 6 pitchers a day (pitching is pretty scarce) Thinking of trading my Dozier (26th round) and Bogaerts (17th round) for his Strasburg (18th round) My probable keepers if I make the trade (round kept): -Donaldson (3rd) -Darvish (5th) -Betts (6th) -Nola (7th) -Buxton (14th) -Myers (16th) -Strasburg (18th) -Bellinger (19th) -Correa (20th) -Albies (24th) What do you th
  6. If you can do this, I would. Otherwise, I'd keep top 3 and Gallo.
  7. I'd go with Sanchez, could change after this season though. But Sanchez gives you such an advantage over most people at catcher.
  8. Personally I would go Bellinger, Benintendi, Correa, Dozier, JoRam, Stanton, Turner, Carasco, Martinez, Bregman
  9. Yeah, just started watching international soccer and I love all these aspects (especially no commercials). My favorite sport is football and I get frustrated as hell with all the commercial breaks.
  10. Prefer Freeman side but there is obviously mixed opinions here. As others have said, you have to try and make a trade.
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