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  1. It's definitely between Stanton and Correa. I think I'd give Correa the nod because of position, but should be good with either one.
  2. 10 Team H2H 5x5 (OBP replacing AVG and QS replacing wins)/ Keep 10 forever in round they were selected Note: We only use SP and can start up to 6 pitchers a day (pitching is pretty scarce) Thinking of trading my Dozier (26th round) and Bogaerts (17th round) for his Strasburg (18th round) My probable keepers if I make the trade (round kept): -Donaldson (3rd) -Darvish (5th) -Betts (6th) -Nola (7th) -Buxton (14th) -Myers (16th) -Strasburg (18th) -Bellinger (19th) -Correa (20th) -Albies (24th) What do you th
  3. If you can do this, I would. Otherwise, I'd keep top 3 and Gallo.
  4. I'd go with Sanchez, could change after this season though. But Sanchez gives you such an advantage over most people at catcher.
  5. Personally I would go Bellinger, Benintendi, Correa, Dozier, JoRam, Stanton, Turner, Carasco, Martinez, Bregman
  6. Yeah, just started watching international soccer and I love all these aspects (especially no commercials). My favorite sport is football and I get frustrated as hell with all the commercial breaks.
  7. Prefer Freeman side but there is obviously mixed opinions here. As others have said, you have to try and make a trade.
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