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  1. If you're trying to shed keeper slots I'd do it. I like buxton this year, the other guys are replaceable in my opinion.
  2. Id go Devers. You should have a shot at Albies in the draft. Devers has a better chance of being swooped early.
  3. I lean Arenado too, but taking Kershaw here in a points league wouldn't be out of the question.
  4. I like Godley a lot this year (humidor). Both are good prospects too. If you're fat at OF make it happen.
  5. I think people are sleeping on Chase. But him and stroman are close. If Gregory polanco is with chase i'd do that
  6. Do it, I like paxton this year and your deep at 1B
  7. Yeah, I like Olson too, but LF is super thin, RF not as bad. I'd go Gallo
  8. Cool league! Rox and Mets, agreed. I think STL will be a good all around team too if they're available there. Young good pitching (Martinez, Weaver, Flaherty, Reyes) with solid offense.
  9. If he takes Judge and anyone you win big, that's an awesome opportunity
  10. Contemplating swinging a deal for Dozier in a dynasty league, Moncada and Conforto would be the starting point. My keeper hitters are below (as of now). I do have Bo Bichette in the minors who doesn't count against my keeper limit. Pts standard scoring with some extra incentive for steals. My pitchers are good so I'm in win now mode, only reason I'm considering the trade. Thanks! C - Posey 1B - Bellinger 2B - Moncada 3B - empty SS - Corey Seager CI - E5 MI - empty LF - Pham CF - Buxton RF - Stanton OF - Pollock OF - Conforto Util - empty x2
  11. I like Bundy, not sold on Giolito. Based on those guys I'd keep Margot I think. If it were points i'd go w the pitchers.
  12. I had this same scenario in my league but for trade. I ended up keeping Pham (dynasty league). OF is thin this year, LF is thinner if you use that position. Plus the fact that Pham had his breakout once he got his eyes fixed makes me think last year wasn't a fluke.
  13. I think I'd go Reyes...he's already impressed at the MLB level and coming back from one TJ isn't the end of the world. If he has to do it again, then that sucks, but right now I'd go Reyes
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