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  1. Prospects365 has really been stepping up on the content lately. Plus... he was the first I saw who predicted Acuña Jr’s breakout. 👀
  2. 5IP 1hit 0R 0BB 9K tonight
  3. Another nice start tonight. efficient 4IP 2H 1R 0BB 5K only run was a bomb from Wander Samuel Franco
  4. Not allowIng myself to get overly excited with his past, but... 5 homeruns in last 5 games.. Post hype player to watch. Playing time problems if he gets the call, though.
  5. Kind of like Franklin Barreto, I feel like people have stopped caring about this guy right before he could have a real chance in the majors. He's off to a great start this spring and has a MILB career OBP of .365. Definitely not the sexiest prospect out there, but I feel like his floor is quite high.
  6. https://prospects-365.com/2018/02/08/taylor-trammell-baseballs-next-superstar-prospect/ Likely the post you're talking about. This guy did call Acuna way ahead of most... just sayin.
  7. Kyle Tucker 3 run bomb. His swing... GORGEOUS.
  8. Tapia has put on some weight and has a chance to hit towards the top of the Rockies lineup. Obviously, theres a crowded outfield out in Colorado... what are we thinking on him?
  9. Everyone expects him to be Babe Ruth already. Lets give him more than an inning haha.
  10. Option 2 or 3. I'd lean 2 if that was offered to me.
  11. If you have to trade one of those, I'd see if you can get someone to overpay for Buxton. Many see him as a huge breakout candidate this year... only problem is I think there is a good chance they are right. Hard to beat a combo of Harper/Betts!
  12. Spring training baseball is better than no baseball.
  13. David Ortiz comp is interesting. Especially because his middle name is David. Dudes power is reaaaal, I'm jumping on the hype train.
  14. Today is the day! so excited to see this guy pitch
  15. I feel like either Tapia or Dahl will be one of the biggest fantasy surprises of the year.. but man I have no idea which one it'll be. I Really hope Dahl can stay healthy.
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