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  1. sorry guys thanks for bearing with me... I believe we are gonna be full I started the leaguesafe league and i believe i sent everyone an invite... all emails that were posted on this forum at least... If you are in the league and did not get the leaguesafe invite please let me know before we get started here Thanks and good luck guys! ryan
  2. Who’s not in that tried? Put ur email here I’ll take care of those generic names
  3. That’s what I’m gonna get done when I’m home hold on there fellas bear with me plz
  4. Last few invites came from treyj0606, my buddies phone, my phone wasn’t letting me send invites check it out... should be close to full maybe a couple spots left
  5. Invites are coming I’m sorry... I’m on my way back home now sorry guys
  6. Running an errand I’ll send u guys invites in a couple hours!!
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