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  1. I've been wanting to join a keeper league (never done one before), but only keeping 2 guys seems like it's basically like a redraft to me. That said, I think it's probably a good place to start with only 2 since it's my first keeper, so I think I will join this league, but I hope in future years we can increase the keepers to at least 3-4 (or at least have a leaguewide vote on doing so).
  2. I might be interested. When is the draft? Also, is there a plan to add more keepers in future years, or will it stay at 2 for a while?
  3. Unfortunately this sounds really complicated to me. I don't think I could handle being commissioner for such a league as it would take all my time from my other leagues.
  4. I've never done a keeper league and was considering starting a new 8-12 team one since I would prefer to start from scratch rather than take over an old team. It would be Roto (I tried H2H a couple times and did not really like it), either 5x5 or 6x6, possibly with some non-standard categories like OBP/OPS/Net SB/SV+HLDs/QS, etc. I'm not sure how the keepers would work, but 1 idea I like is to use team tenure (basically the more years you keep a guy on your team, the more expensive he is to hold) OR using the round they were drafted in minus 1 or 2 (and players drafted in the firs
  5. Roto? H2H? Pts? Also would we be redrafting from scratch or taking over another team (and picking up to 5 keepers from it?).
  6. I guess I'm trying to gauge interest in this type of format. Are there a lot of people who might be interested?
  7. I just had the idea to do multiple redraft roto leagues that would work like the Premier League (soccer in England). Basically, there would be (ideally at least 3) 10-12 team leagues, a "Premier Division", a "2nd Division", and so on. The top 2 (for 10 team leagues) or 3 (if we do 12 team) in each league would be "promoted" to a higher lg, while the bottom 2 or 3 would be "relegated" to a lower league. Obviously this would need a ton of interest (30 new players at the least) to work, and we'd need at least 2 other people besides myself to be commissioners. For the start my i
  8. What's the best (free) site for keeper lgs? I've never done one and I'm tempted to start a small ROTO keeper lg, but have no idea what site to use so I can set it so any keepers stay at the round they were drafted the following year, but then go up 2 or 3 rounds if you want to keep them longer (meaning if you draft someone in the first 2-3 rounds, you basically only get to keep them for 1 season). Alternatively (and perhaps better for me if I'm not actually the commissioner for something I'm new at), if someone is starting a new 10-12 man roto (I don't like H2H) keeper lg and needs
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