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  1. I aded a link to here from Reddit. so it would be something you monitored for other players
  2. If you are the one that owns Yates Can probably get him for very little . I've only lost one player that way . Someone else bid $2 . Especially at start of season when nothing is settled about who is going on DL.
  3. 12 team with 10 keepers . 120 players gone already . redrafts I've been in this year Hader is going around 55 . Hendricks around. 75 to 80 .
  4. Pick some for them. Unless the rules state you don't have to keep full 10. They just want to jump the draft lineup . Or if you can move the extra picks to the back of draft .
  5. Depends if they are long time buddies . If one plans on not having time to really manage helping out a bud .. The other is if the dump player is one who is always chasing protects . They never compete because they always trade good players for the next prospect hype .
  6. Yes . Saw highlights the other day . Said he was in better shape . Didn't look all that good to me .
  7. You have some strange keeper rules . If you can reset keeper time by just trading player . Instead of having to go back into draft .
  8. Freeman just went for 45. in league just drafted . Average cost is 42 for him .
  9. Moore . How did you pay $39 for Meadows . Or was it an escalator salary ?
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