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  1. DO IT!!! Lottery tickets are good. What's not is losing talent for nothing. 3B is chock full of talent and the fact that you have been offered that deal makes you a winner all ready. IF YOU.....DO IT!!!
  2. I don't know about that. Kershaw is getting older and I can't see him being the dominant SP he has been much after the next 1-2 maybe 3 but I highly doubt it. Most athletes who have been at the pinnacle of their sports won't hang around once the body won't allow them to be dominant anymore. Not saying I wouldn't do it just keep that in mind.
  3. If you are offering these 2 for Trea Turner please STOP!! You are giving wayyy too much. I don't even know if Turner is better than Bregman head up but I get you value steals which I don't.
  4. Would keep Marwin and if you think you can get another decent OF in the draft then I keep Carrasco if not then you are stuck keeping Upton.
  5. Cleveland should take him at 1 and I like Josh Allen at 4. This happens I would not hesitate to grab Barkley. Revamped O-line and plenty of cap room to add talent. As a Ravens fan I am not looking forward to facing this team twice a year going forward
  6. If you are talking about Austin Barnes I like that side in a dynasty. He is going to be a blast at a very thin position once the Dodgers move on from Grandal which is looking to be soon
  7. I would definitely do that. Bell can be replaced with a ton of other guys who give you similar production. Take it from an Orioles fan SP is tough to get.
  8. In a heartbeat. Posey has already started to decline and be played more and more at 1B inviting the question as to how long he maintains C eligibility. Carrasco is just hitting his stride. The difference in C's is so small anyway
  9. Harper is a monster and deGrom when healthy is a solid #2 SP maybe more if again he can stay healthy. Too much in my opinion unless you have a solid SP to take deGrom's spot.
  10. No way. Judge is a fine player but I don't think he's on the same level as Kluber
  11. I totally agree with this and I use extra money to keep Incairte as well.
  12. While none of us have ever seen this many top tier free agents last this long, how does everyone feel about if and when to draft these 2.
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