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  1. Team is most likely taken, but they haven't paid or anything yet. So, if anybody is interested, let me know!
  2. Lost an owner right before the season, team consists of 40 man rosters with 20 annual keepers. League is $125 and that payment would cover your first 2 years.Scoringhttps://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/mssazkyykkyd55zp/rulesCurrent rosterGreinkeDeGromKluberSorokaCivaleBoydBassitMikolasTanner HouckMcClanahanGrayson RodriguezJosiah GrayGoldschmidtAltuveBlackmanBrandon LoweTim AndersonDylan CarlsonVictor RoblesGio UrshellaRyan McMahonMitch HanigerEvan WhiteJorge PolancoJean SeguraJon BertiJeff McNeilCorey DickersonNolan JonesZac VeenThere’s more but these are the main guys.
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