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  1. I would go with May since you have Diaz
  2. I think I'd rather have Acuna. I like you thought about dealing for more pieces. If you could deal Belli for 2 pieces that may work for you
  3. I might consider trying to trade Bellinger, maybe for 2 or the guys listed. How much do you get to draft players?
  4. I would lean Grisham, either one is a good keep
  5. I would not go closers that early as said above there is a high percentage of closers that lose the job/don't start as closers. This includes "top" guys. Just look at Yates last year. My saying is "don't pay for saves or steals"
  6. I would lean Sale, he seems to be coming back later than the other injured guys
  7. agree ^ I would go best player at least first 2 rounds, then go position based
  8. Hi everyone 15 team 5x5 with OBP (not Avg) and Sv+Hlds. We keep guys 8 guys and can hold them up to 3 years with no increase in salary. At the draft we get $260 in salary - what our keepers cost. Traditional I am not an over spender in the draft so I am trying a different route and keeping some higher value guys. Here is my list Franmil Reyes $12 1 more year (I have to keep him since he was acquired in off-season trade) Triston McKenzie $5 for 2 years (I have to keep him since he was acquired in off-season trade) Xander Bogarts $24 for 1 year Luke Voit $13 for 2 years
  9. I would lean Kopech but TBH I don't know much about Marte
  10. yordan alvarez -18th round cody bellinger 11th trevor story 4th garit cole 4th 2019 NA prospect keepers- TWO bobby dalbec matt Manning 2020 could keep ONE anthony santander 19th
  11. 15 team roto league 3 year keeper league. An owner reached out inquiring about Kenley Jansen, I don't plan on keeping him at $13. I am looking to get a cheap arm back in the deal. Who would you take: Mahle at $1 McKenzie at $5 thanks
  12. put them both up for trade and see what the offers are before you decide
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