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  1. 10 Team HTH Cat league looking for 1 more owner to start the slow draft tonight on couchmanagers! 2 hour clock with no clock from 12-7 AM C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, INF, OFx3, UTIL, SPx3, RPx3, Px3, Bench x 4, ILx3 HR, RBI, Runs, SBs, OPS, Ks, QSs, ERA, WHIP, SVs League on ESPN, Money on Leaguesafe. Leave your email for details and we will get going as soon as you're signed up!
  2. Still searching for that illusive 12th owner so we can start!
  3. Need one more owner still then we can get started today!
  4. 2 spots left! Get it filled and we can start today!
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