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  1. 2-run double by Andujar. Yea by all means DH Gary Sanchez over him, dummy Boone.
  2. Yanks and Dodgers were the 2 biggest favorites. Yankees almost deserve to miss it with Boone's piss poor managing.
  3. Why on earth is Gary Sanchez the Yankees DH today?? And Andujar is sitting with a .968 OPS in September. SMH Aaron Boone is truly a moron.
  4. Yankees are awful. And good thing they have ice cold Gary Sanchez hitting ahead of red hot Andujar. So Gary can come up to strike out with 2 outs and 2 men on.
  5. The fact that Boone said that on that "error" is mind boggling. Shows how clueless he is also. That should've never been charged as an error in the first place. It was a difficult play for Andujar or Wade to make. Even if it was fielded by Wade he was unlikely to get the runner.
  6. A double for Andujar in his first AB tonight! Continues his hot hitting. I have no idea how he's batting 8th tonight behind Tauchman and Sanchez, thats just ridiculous. Boone's gotta go. As for the people saying he has no place to play or whatever else...lol. He's also played good defense he only made one bad play this year which was a bad throw that he shouldn't have made.
  7. HR tonight. Don't say I didn't warn ya.
  8. Kolby Allard was another mistake to start I guess. Had no freakin idea that the Mariners were capable of scoring 8 runs in 3 2/3 innings. Amazing.
  9. Anyone know what their rotation is expected to be this week? I'm not sure if Thomas Eshelman is going to make a start which would make it a 6-man rotation. Wondering if John Means will indeed get 2 starts or not.
  10. Cardinals defense is really trash. Oviedo actually pitching a very decent game yet 5 runs scored by the Cubs because of awful defense.
  11. He's been heating up. Making a lot of contact. Earlier in the season he wasn't making contact lots of whiffs. When he's making contact the pitchers in trouble. He's hitting .500 in September over like 10 ABs. In the lineup tonight and I expect him to be in there everyday with Urshela out. I needed a hitter and I scooped him over some of the mediocre guys available. Lets go Andy!!
  12. How come he seems to bat near the top of his order when he does play and hes been raking but they've been sitting him so much?
  13. Andujar needs to be brought up and just see what he can do with regular ABs. He looked terrible before but so does more than half hour lineup. We don't need to keep sending out Mike Tauchman, Mike Ford, and Thairo Estrada. Could put him at 3B and take Estrada out of the lineup. Anyway this makes absolutely no sense to not be playing him right now.
  14. Pitch count was pretty high they said he'd be limited to about 40 pitches.
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