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  1. League formed in 2018. We have 8 paid owners. Draft will start when everyone has paid. $50 slow draft: -8hr clock (clock stops for sleep hours but you can still pick) -redraft, 12 team -Roto, 5x5, standard categories, mixed league, -NFBC rosters -FAAB on Sunday, daily lineup changes -leaguesafe majority approval -$300, $150, $100, $50 -draft will start once everyone has paid on leaguesafe -email: neilcmr22@gmail.com
  2. We are 9 owners and need 3 more. League has been running since 2018. -2hr clock (clock stops for sleep hours but you can still pick) -redraft, 12 team -Roto, 5x5, standard categories, mixed league, -NFBC rosters -FAAB on Sunday, daily lineup changes -leaguesafe majority approval -$300, $150, $100, $50 -draft will start once everyone has paid on leaguesafe -email: neilcmr22@gmail.com
  3. There are three of us paid. I didn’t know how much interest there would be so I told a few other guys to sit tight while I collect emails, if they don’t want to pay yet. I think we can get at least a ten team league going.
  4. LEAGUE RULES SUMMARY 2019-2020 NHL SLOW ICE GENERAL League Name: Slow Ice Duplicate Player Allowance: Not Used Scoring System: Head-to-Head Points Maximum # of teams: 12 League Creator Username: neilcmr Commissioner Team Name: Neil's Team SCHEDULE Your league stats begin accumulating on: Wed Oct 02, 2019 Your league stats end accumulating on: Sat Apr 04, 2020 Merge first n periods of season: 2 Merge last two periods of season: No Playoffs Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 24 (Mar 24/20 - Mar 30/20) and last for 2 periods (rounds). Number of teams qualifying for playoffs: 4 Reseed each playoff round: No * To view the playoff bracket, go to the Standings screen and click on the Playoffs tab. PLAYER POOL Player Pool:All teams Players traded out of league's player pool continue to accumulate stats: Yes Only include players associated with a NHL team in the player pool: No Lock Player Pool: No ROSTERS Restrictions Minimum Total Players: 0 Maximum Total Players: 21 Minimum Players: 0 Maximum Players: 15 Maximum Reserve Players: 6 Maximum Injury Reserve Players: 4 Maximum Minor League Players: Not Used Prevent any transaction that would cause a roster to become illegal: Always Allow suspended players to be moved to Injured Reserve: Yes Allow players on a bye week to be moved to Injured Reserve: No Injured Reserve players count toward roster limitation rules: No Only players on the NHL Injured Reserve List may be moved to the Injured Reserve slot: No Injured Reserve Enforcement type: None Pos Min Active Max Active Total Max Max GP Forward (F) 0 9 36 Defense (D) 0 4 16 Goalie (G) 0 2 8 If the maximum number of games played has been exceeded for a particular position during any Scoring Period, all players set to that position on the Team Roster screen will no longer accumulate any more stats/points beginning the day after the maximum was met or exceeded, for the remainder of that Scoring Period. Position Eligibility SCORING Scoring Group Scoring Category Points Skaters Assists (A) 1 Skaters Game Winning Goals (GWG) 1 Skaters Goals (G) 1 Skaters Hat Tricks (HT) 1 Skaters Power Play Assists (PPA) 0.5 Skaters Power Play Goals (PPG) 1 Skaters Short Handed Assists (SHA) 1 Skaters Short Handed Goals (SHG) 2 Goalies Assists (A) 1 Goalies Shutouts (SHO) 1 Goalies Wins (W) 2.5 Other Scoring Preferences Score Flex positions by the players' actual positions: No Count 0-0 scores as wins, losses or ties: Yes Stat Correction Handling: No Official Scoring changes will affect your league beyond the default stat freeze time. Official corrections will be applied to your league if they come in within 7 days (168 hours) after the end of that game. Any Official Scoring changes which come in after this time will not be reflected in your league stats/scores and standings. TRANSACTIONS Lineups Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes Lineup changes are executed: Daily Lineup Changes are locked 0:05(hours:minutes) Set amount of time before each player's game of the day Trades Trade System: Owners propose their own trades Trading Period: All Year Maximum Trades per Team: Unlimited Trade Deadline Date:Not Used Trade Voting System: Owners Days to Vote: 2 # of Objections Required: 33% Claims/Drops Waiver Wire Bidding Settings Claim/Drop Privileges: Owners perform their own claims & drops Max # of claims per season:Unlimited Max # of claims per week: Unlimited Use Waiver Wire process: Yes Allow claims/drops before the draft: No Can't drop list: Not Used Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team Failed claims/drops viewable by: One's own team Free Agents Free Agent Claim System: Bidding Free Agent bids are processed on: Mon at 9:30 am KST Waiver Wire claim system: Automated Priority Order Rotate Waiver Wire Claim Order After Each Claim: Yes Waiver Wire players are processed: After a selected # of Days # of days players remain on waivers for: 2 Vickrey/Proxy (ebay-style) Bidding: No Bid tie-breaker: Random Player claim budget: $1,000 Bid increment: $1.00 Minimum bid: $0.00 Show highest pending bids: No Show team with highest pending bid: No Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team Failed claims/drops viewable by: One's own team DRAFT Division: Draft Type: Live Online Standard (Regular & Slow) # of rounds: 21 Draft Date: Thu Sep 19 2019, 9:00AM KST Time limit per pick: 8 hours All teams will have the same # of players as the # of rounds when draft ends: No Immediately pick for owners not present in draft room: No Fill rosters legally when drafting: Yes Draft Order creation: Random - Snake/Serpentine Draft Order: Neil's Team Undrafted players go to the: Waiver Wire MISCELLANEOUS Tie Breakers Standings Tie Breakers 1. Most fantasy points for entire season 2. Head-to-head record vs. all teams tied with 3. Least fantasy points against for entire season 4. Randomly selected Matchup Tie Breakers 1. None Playoff Tie Breakers 1. Highest Seed Fees League Entry: $50.00 Free Agent Claim: $0.00 Waiver Wire Claim: $0.00 Drop Player: $0.00 Activate Player: $0.00 Reserve Player: $0.00 Send Player to Injured Reserve: $0.00 Move Player from Injured Reserve: $0.00 Change Position of an Active Player: $0.00 Trade (flat): $0.00 Trade per Player Received: $0.00 Trade per Player Sent: $0.00 Illegal Roster (per period): $0.00 PRIZES Name: Winners Description: Rank By: Fantasy Points Prizes Place Cash Custom 1 $300 first place 2 $150 second place 3 $100 third place 4 $50 fourth place Period(s) From To Winners
  5. -$50 slow draft (12 team, redraft), H2H weekly points (Win,Loss or Tie) and playoffs -Scoring stats and Wins only 1pt: (G,A,PPG, GWG, SHA, SO, HT) 2.5pt (Wins) 2pt: (SHG) .5pt (PPA) -Draft will begin 12 hours after the league fills. If we are itching to go I'll cut the league to 10 teams, expand the rosters from (starting 9FW, 4D) to starting 10FW, 5D (sleep window from 12am-8am EST) - weekly FAAB ($1000), daily line up changes with weekly total GP max for F,D,G - payouts: 300, 150, 100, 50 This is a new league I'm starting from scratch. I'm using Fantrax Treasurer because I thought it would be faster to get people signed up and paid. Little did I know, you can't list your Fantrax league in the Fantrax public league listings if you are using Fantrax Treasurer (because it is supposedly only for trusted friends). I wish I just used leaguesafe instead. It is what it is. I'm an honest dude that wants to start a fantasy hockey league. Email neilcmr@yahoo.ca if you want more info or just straight join this league https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=caymlaurk0jpgykg&isSubmit=y
  6. Hey OP, I haven’t gotten any reply? I wanted to start a slow draft but, I thought I’d reply here first. Seems we have a number of people interested in a slow draft. I’ll get one started if the OP has abandoned this message thread. I ran a slow drat on fantrax for fantasy baseball that went smoothly. You can set a sleep window to auto-pause the clock (but you can still pick), so you don’t have to worry about missing your pick in the early morning hours.
  7. Myself and a friend of mine are interested. Can you send me the details. neilcmr@yahoo.ca
  8. Got it. Welcome! There are some commish messages on the homepage. We are nearing liftoff!
  9. Great! Welcome! We are at 11 paid now. Just waiting on one more.
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