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  1. I only started Drake because I have James Conner and he looks like he isn’t going to play this week so I started Drake reluctantly and am in shock that he put up this performance
  2. Diggs is hurt and marquise Goodwin has a juicy matchup. Not sure what to do
  3. I would have to think as the season progresses Monty role will increase and his ADP will be justified. I think it was naive of all of us to think he was going to produce right away but he did look good on a 10 yard run and made a nice catch. I say by week 4 mike Davis will be faded out and Monty will get 15 carries or so
  4. So I don’t think he is going to be cut and if he is suspended it may be at most a game. Think about it; Gruden went out of his way to get this guy. They knew he was a hot head and is disruptive but he is explosive and that’s all that Gruden cares about. He will be on this team throughout the year and this is the best time to buy low
  5. I have James Conner and josh Jacobs as my other running backs and Beckham, diggs and Robby Anderson as my wr’s. This is ppr
  6. Someone offered me Chubb for Kenyon Drake and Cooper Kupp! Is this a trade I need to accept
  7. Best Pick: Tim Anderson Worst: Bryce Harper Best add(s): Dj LeMahieu, Shane Bieber, Lucas Giolito Worst drop(s): None Best Trade: Madsion Bumgarner for Justin Upton
  8. I had him last year and he did well before he got injured! I picked him up on waiver wire before season cause his spring training stats were impressive! I was not expecting he would be this good so far into the season! I have to say perhaps jeter might have gotten the better end of that Giancarlo trade
  9. I just picked him up in 16 team league
  10. If he hits a HR tonight people here are going to go crazy
  11. i think he was on a pitch count. Not the most ideal start but since it was his first start back from an injury i'l l give it a pass
  12. He usually has a monster april but this year its different. perhaps as the months go by he will get hot
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