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  1. Soria and Jones come in for CHW today in non save situation....Rondon looking better.
  2. He was extremely off tonight. He hasn't had command with any pitches thus far. Butttttttt this is still his Spring Training, which means the low WHIP high K Shark could still come out starting in April. When that fastball and cutter get going that's when he strikes dudes out. I wouldn't cut him in a 12 teamer
  3. This guy has been nails for me as a fill-in for Moncada. What a great pick up this week! I hope he balls out because he could earn a starting job in the OF at some point.
  4. My first reaction about Castillio being pulled.....I dont care as long as Garret leaves them stranded.
  5. Luis castillo....this is why I don't give up on a yougin after a month...well I drafted him too high for that. Very encouraging outing thus far!
  6. Panik has two-bag on lock-down whenever he is healthy. Hanson could find himself a spot in the OF somewhere as both LF and CF is a revolving door for the G-men, waiting for someone to steal a spot for good.
  7. same here. He is my Yoan Moncada replacement.
  8. interesting. But makes sense. Newcomb looking like best chance upside. any other takers?
  9. Come on now, I know someone has something on these exciting guys?!
  10. rule number one....NEVER TRADE TROUT....its a trap. Nothing equals Trout.
  11. rule number one....NEVER TRADE TROUT. Neither of these is worth giving him up.
  12. Franchy, for sure. Dude will play the rest of the season in the top 5 of the Padre lineup. He has tools soler simply doesn't have. This is an easy Franchy pick here.
  13. Well, Senzel actually might end up with more ABs from here on out. Happ is consistently at the batting order...when he plays...mainly against righties. Senzel will likely find himself behind Suarez in the 5 hole by the end of May. The only problem is we don't know when the Reds will actually bring him up. If you think its within the next couple of weeks, I don't see a problem with this. I am assuming Happ is a bench guy.
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