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  1. Obviously picking him 12th is great. But great value for Hoskins and bellinger as well. I just dont think I can let the best player in the league walk. Especially with the angles line up being better.
  2. I’m in a keeper league and I’m pick 12 of 14 Teams. I can keep bellinger in the 12th round Rhys Hoskins in the 15th round. Mike trout in the first. Two of the three...??? potnetially I have a trade offer that would result me trading away mike trout for a second round and 8th round For my 7th round and 9th round. That would result in me picking 12,17,19 and keeping bellinger and Hoskins. Do do I really trade the best player in the game ?? No way right? The value of Hoskins and bellinger is just so gr
  3. Why would you waste a second spot on a catcher. I always pick one in the last round.
  4. Rhys as he has to be a late round keeper.
  5. Harper has the highest ceiling and is in a walk year. Oh yeah. Daddy like
  6. Altuve and sp. lots of sp you can pick up off waiver very little 2nd base on waiver that can help
  7. I have the ability to keep two of the three. Belling in the 12th and Hoskins in the 15th. Trout obviously the first. Potentially i can trade trout for a second round pick and 8th round to give up my 7th round and 9th. Opinions? Do I really trade the best player in the league ?
  8. Im in a keeper league I had the first overall pick last year and took mike trout. I have pick 12 of 14 this year. I have to decide between......mike trout 1st round pick twevle, bellinger round 13th and rhys hoskins round 15. I do have an offer out to trade mike trout for pick 19 and i would trade my 8th round pick to him so I would be drafting 12, 17, 19 and then bellinger and hoskins as my keepers.. Opinions? how can I possibly trade mike trout right?
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