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  1. Should Lux still be a target in Dynasty?
  2. I was really just joking here bud. Your Dalbec shares are safe for a few more weeks!
  3. Looking like my boy Casas will be up sooner rather then later!
  4. I couldn't agree more with everything you are saying. People are undervaluing this guy for some reason. I will enjoy Happ on allot of my teams at his adp.
  5. I am hoping Senzel can somehow come back to 2b. I know most likely it's wishful thinking.
  6. Really interested in this guy. He was pulled from a game recently. A personal medical issue they called it. I am reading the assumption was Covid related.
  7. Hopefully no gut allows him not to pound the ball in the ground.
  8. The guy is so damn steady. He is just a consistent diet of points.
  9. Hahaa, I love seeing someone address Rush before he comments!! Your team looks pretty solid for competing and the future. What are you considering moving?
  10. I am trading all my Wander shares for any Soto share.
  11. Right, ughh had some big expectations for him.
  12. I am wondering this myself. I never know how to take these kinda reports.
  13. They got moves left yet. I don't think they make themselves better though in this season.
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