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  1. Ok troll. 2400 comments and 100 reputation. Clearly you're well respected here. Oh well another clown to add to the ignore list.
  2. Im glad they did that and I hope they make the percentages even more even. Hell Id support equal lottery odds for all teams that miss the playoffs. And Im not even suggesting that the Knicks (or really any team) actually tank, just play your talented young players, let them develop, and take the losses as learning opportunities. It's a win-win, your young guys develop and you get a better draft pick in the process. The knicks are shooting themselves in the foot letting Thibs pick up guys like Gibson and Rose, and steal minutes from your young guys. Knox is still only 21, is a top ten pick
  3. He's averaged 17 minutes a game over the last ten, no one's even asking for 30 minutes but surely your most promising rookie can get atleast 20-25. How's he supposed to improve his defense from the bench? The Knicks beat one of the worst teams in the league this year, in the midst of a 9 game losing streak, coached by the worst coach in the league so Thibs must be a genius. The kings are developing the future star of their team and are going to get a way better draft pick in a loaded draft class, and aren't trading away picks for expiring contracts because they haven't tried to convince t
  4. Playing him more minutes would ruin his development, what??? I couldn't disagree with you more. He hasn't played more than 22 minutes since February 1st, meanwhile Haliburton (who has to split time with infinitely more talented guards) plays 30+ minutes every night. Man I can't understand these Thibs defenders who are so excited to see the Knicks get swept in the first round, if they even make it out of the play in tournament.
  5. Payton out, IQ on fire, and he still only plays 20 minutes, outplayed by Frank even 😂 I hate this coach so much guys, please just trade him for a washed up all star already, Knicks don't deserve this talent.
  6. D rose moved to the first unit with elf out so IQ actually gets the ball in his hands rather than just standing in the corner and he scores 16 with 2 assists and a steal in 8 fricken minutes. Can this horrible horrible coach please stop ruining this obviously super talented player. This franchise is a joke.
  7. The latvian loser strikes again, cant believe i even picked him up when I know how bad he is
  8. Why wouldn't they trade Oladipo? He's on an expiring contract and they don't want to resign him. I think it's over 90% likely that oladipo gets traded to a contender
  9. Rough first game with the new coach but I think his arrow (and the rest of the TWolves players) is pointing up with the hire of Finch. Excited to see what the rest of the season looks like for him.
  10. TYRESEEEEEEEEEE Kid is absolutely on 🔥🔥🔥 tonight
  11. Why am I playing Jarrett Allen this week? Why are the cavs allowed to just bench drummond with no repercussions? Why am I going to lose with the second most points in the league this week? ******** a
  12. Malik was late to walk throughs that's why he didn't start. He should be back to normal next game
  13. They need spacing with Shai's drive and kick style and Horford and Muscala are much better shooters than him. And since Horford came back from his child's birth he's been playing like a borderline all star. Roby is really just a lotto ticket to hold on to in the event of a Horford trade.
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