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  1. Nice strikeout looking with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth..... Soooo how much longer till this dude is droppable? He looks worse than Albert Pujols
  2. So you have an opportunity to trade Bryan Reynolds and Kenley Jansen for Ozuna and you're still thinking about it? You might be a bigger scrub than the Ozuna owner dude
  3. Andddd there goes my trevor rogers dub. Should have left him in for one more inning dumb managing
  4. So a day after costing me a bieber complete game shutout, the pathetic indians get no hit by my opponents rodon. f--- this trash racist organization might single handedly cost me my week against one of the worst teams in my league. Days like these make me want to quit fantasy for good
  5. Yeah..... I can't blame anyone for dropping. Obvious strikeout upside but his control has been awful in these first two games, it's seemed like he's thrown a pitch over the batters head in every at bat this game. Walks weren't a problem for him last year so hopefully it's just some nerves. I'll give him atleast one more start to figure it out.
  6. Unbelievably filthy today, he looks like a mini Randy Johnson. I might start calling him the little big unit.
  7. My first year playing so forgive me if Im wrong but it seems pretty short sighted to drop a pitcher with as much upside as Mckenzie? It's a long season, and to be honest I thought he looked pretty decent in his first game, sure 4 walks but only gave up one run and had 5 Ks. I'm sure he'll get a solid chance to win back a full time rotation spot once the schedule is more busy as the Indians just have had a weird amount of days off so far. He's a strong hold for me as there is no pitcher on my wire with nearly as much upside and I won't consider dropping for probably the next month
  8. [Walsh] hit one into the parking lot at the blue jays make shift stadium. Congrats to everyone who drafted him gonna be a huge steal this year, the breakout last season was real
  9. Karinchak warming up for the 8th inning, Clase looking like he might get the save opportunity? Although this indians lineup is terrible and I doubt they're going to be having many save opportunities this year
  10. I've never even said he won't be closer, I merely said I'd be worried if I owned him and then I have kids like you hopping on me crying bad take. The fact is he's been awful in 3 out of 4 appearances, Mayers has been great (and had a better ERA and K/9 than Raisel last season), and to be frank Chris Rodriguez has better stuff than both of them. You guys can keep telling yourself Raisel is untouchable in that role but as an Angel fan I'm telling you that he's not some untouchable god tier closer.
  11. He's just had two awful outings but ok
  12. Mike Mayers is coming in for the save for the Angels. He has pitched great in his two appearances so far. If he closes it out Id be worried if I owned Raisel
  13. No, quickly becoming one of the worst fantasy sports. Might have to quit for as long as Silver is still commissioner
  14. Make sure to never draft him again no matter how far he "drops"
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