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  1. Hey Lucky, we'd love to have both you and your brother aboard! I've co-managed fantasy teams across multiple Yahoo leagues, including this one. Speaking as a longstanding league member, we have a live-and-let-live philosophy about regulation. I can only think of a handful of instances across my many years where the thought of vetoing a trade was even discussed, but in all those instances things never went further than that. Windy is the league commish, and a good one. Like I said, trade vetos are few and far between. A majority of owners would have to agree before such a thing happe
  2. This is a very fun and competitive league among the many fun and competitive leagues Windy runs. Live draft on Thursday, so now's the time to jump on board!
  3. Who's that bumping at my window? Oh, it's a dope-a** fantasy league!
  4. We're looking to draft next week, so if that works for you then come join us!
  5. On and on, bumping this post to the break of dawn...
  6. Bumping this post to get it seen on the forums page.
  7. UPDATE: Unfortunately, one of our longstanding league owners was forced to bow out of my league. But on the bright side, that leaves an opening for one of your lovely lads or lasses! Please read the information below and contact me for more information. Also, please be prepared to pay the league fees as soon as you decide to join!
  8. We've got our 12 members so we're going to cap things off here.
  9. Only one more spot left in this highly competitive yet highly fun Windy league! Respond to this post or email ajpunt@yahoo.com for more details!
  10. Who are the two lucky people to join a highly competitive roto league enlightened enough to use QS instead of wins, holds + saves instead of saves, and OBP instead of AVG?
  11. I'm predicting Mets over Astros in 6 for the World Series
  12. What teams are you picking to make the playoffs and make the World Series?
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