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  1. Hey, I'd be interested in joining since I can make that draft, but you currently have 10/12 listed on Yahoo! and the draft is in two days. Can I join, or are you going to roll with 10? Or, will you use roto scoring if there are an odd number of people? Just want to know what you're looking at doing so I don't mess something up.
  2. Bump, might need just one more. It's a great league, competitive, serious baseball fans. Standard 5X5, H2H.
  3. Hey all, we're looking for two members for a 12-14 team H2H Yahoo! online draft league. Draft date hasn't been set but we are most likely looking at Monday, 3/26 around 8 or 9 p.m. $50 entry fee. Lot of solid fans in this one. Everything is pretty standard. If you're interested, email me at ryanlewis3@yahoo.com.
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