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  1. Not sure if you joined yet - but the link is here - https://sleeper.app/i/zqk1jg6Lq8AO
  2. I sent you an invite on sleeper. Cam Newton looking pretty is your profile pic? lol - just making sure
  3. Hey Guys! Starting a new startup dynasty league on the Sleeper app! Superflex. Tiered PPR. IDP (The Real Deal) Leaguesafe - 20$ Entry - 2 years due up front, half will be paid out after our first winner and the other half rolled over. Draft will start once everyone has paid up 1st - 195 2nd - 65 3rd - 20 Slow Draft - 8 hours per pick - Derby style draft. Order will be randomized 1 time. Kickers added for startup draft only. Kickers will be used as placeholders to draft 2020 rookie picks $100 FAAB Toilet Bowl Winner (Last Place Team) - must gift the league winner a sleeper mascot of his/her choosing Let me know if you are interested! Send me your email for an invite. Phil
  4. Hello! Starting a redraft league and we need a few people to fill out the rest of the spots. The league will be competitive as everyone involved so far are fantasy veterans. League dues will be collected via Leaguesafe and paid out at the end of the year. (Please pay up upon joining) Draft Order will be randomized once everyone has joined / paid. Platform: Sleeper Scoring: Tiered PPR, Superflex 0-4 Yard Reception Bonus = 0.25 5-9 Yard Reception Bonus = 0.50 10-19 Yard Reception Bonus = 0.75 20-29 Yard Reception Bonus = 1 30-39 Yard Reception Bonus = 1.3 40+ Yard Reception Bonus = 1.5 Waiver Transactions - FAAB Draft: Sept 1st (Sunday) @ 8pm EST 1st - $165 2nd - $55 3rd - $20 Roster QB - 1 RB - 2 WR - 3 TE - 1 FLEX (RB, WR, TE) - 2 Superflex - 1 7 - BN Please let me know if you have any questions or leave your email below and I will send an invite to Sleeper and Leaguesafe.
  5. Hey Guys, Starting up a new dynasty league this year on fleaflicker and looking for serious fantasy footballers to join in! Have 8 spots left to be filled 20 dollar buy in… 1st - $230 2nd - $70 3rd - $20 (League dues will be collected via Leaguesafe) 16 Team League - 4 divisions - .5 PPR 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX (RB, WR, TE) 1 SUPER FLEX (QB, RB, WR, TE) 16 MAN BENCH 3 IR SLOTS No kicker or defense $100 FAAB per team, per season Snake Draft will take place on the last day of the real NFL draft, the time is TBD. Next years rookie draft will be reverse order of standings If you have any questions or are interested joining please send me a message or leave your email below.
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