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  1. Wow...can't believe I drafted Gasol in the third and then came up with Derozan in the 4th and Oladipo in the fifth...dude has been a huge disappointment. His FG% for a Center has been an absolute travesty this year. Yet I thought I came up with a steal in the third round.
  2. I was just about to post how disappointing he's been as of late, but he just grabbed 3 offensive rebounds in a matter of 10 seconds but still, I was really expecting him to break out with Kris Dunn-lite numbers after Pop gave him the reigns. Still keeping him around because my team is built on well rounded players who can produce in every category but he's close to being dropped as the Spurs only play 3 games next week....assuming that I advance to the finals.
  3. I dropped Reggie Bullock for him hoping for at least 15/5 with 2-3 3s but 2 points 1 rebound....what a waste.
  4. Someone dropped him and I scooped him up and put him in my IR same day Reggie Jackson came off....I'm in a very deep competitive 12 team 9 cat league. Is he guaranteed to come back for next week? I'm in semifinals and hope to be able to have him next week if I advance to the finals. He could very well be the x-factor if he's healthy and produces.
  5. I had him, took him pretty early too cause I remember the numbers he was putting up towards the end of last year almost triple-doubling every night but this guy is flat out inconsistent and his confidence comes and goes. He needs to shave his head this off-season and do nothing but work on that jumper all summer long. Lock himself up in the gym or his job as a professional basketball player in America will soon evaporate.
  6. I'm actually coming off a bye week as a # 2 seed so I automatically advance...sorry for the noob question but do I play the winner of 3 vs 6 or 4 vs 5 as the # 2 seed in head to head matchups? Can someone answer this? I can't find the answer to this.
  7. Do I play the winner of 3 vs 6 or 4 vs 5? Sorry for the noob question, first time I've played fantasy bball in over 10 years.
  8. Wasn't this guy supposed to be back 3 weeks ago?? I still have him on my IR and I come off a bye next week I could use him but no one is for sure when he's coming back it seems like.
  9. And with the Hornets in essence being out of the playoff picture they might take it slow bringing him back with his injury history. Still could be a huge pickup for those able to advance to the finals.
  10. The way this guys been playing you begin to wonder if he can be a 1 or 2 on a championship team...his bball iq is questionable and he takes a lot of bad shots. He's only 23 but improving bball iq is almost next to impossible for a player to do.
  11. I would say Myles Turner has been the biggest bust this year for bigs at least...
  12. I bought a bunch of this guys rookie autographs for .99 in September after watching him play last year in round 1...think this might pay off in the long run watching him this past week..maybe the Spurs should swap him straight up for Kawhi if Leonard is so unhappy...
  13. Dame Dollla is a stud...probably the most underrated player in the league today and always shows up in big games!
  14. I picked up Quinn and Reggie Bullock,might scoop Al if he plays well Monday and Turner and Sabonis need more time on shelf.
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