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  1. literally just posted one homie 2 spots, email me if interested: iroamxx@live.com
  2. I need two more people for an auction draft 3/11 9:30pm eastern time. It is $20 through leaguesafe. espn, h2hcats, normal rosters, only restricts #of RPs on a roster to five. It is our 11th year doing it and I always need a couple random guys to fill it up. Its 10 teams link to league https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=20589376 email me: iroamxx@live.com
  3. prefer h2h cats. anybody hit me up. Also bored so if anybody is drafting today or tomorrow ill consider another type of draft as long as its h2h cats and espn
  4. Gotta be h2h Cats, Auction draft, and espn tho. Not a rich persons buy-in as I am poor with student loans lol
  5. Im already in the mood cuz my fantasy football team sucked. I won my league last year and want to do more leagues this year. Must be auction draft I prefer espn and head to head cats
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