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  1. Placed on IL, Covid [...] Fantrax Altuve was one of five players Houston placed on the IL on Wednesday without an injury designation, indicating that each member of the quintet has been ruled out due to COVID-19-related protocols. No reports have come out yet specifying whether Altuve (or any of the other four Astros) tested positive for the virus, or if the players in question have been ruled out through contact tracing. Aledmys Diaz and Alex De Goti look to be the top candidates to pick up work at second base while Altuve is sidelined.
  2. Early to mid May he has to be up. The way Dozier and a few other look on KC, it is a disgrace to keep Witt down more than 3-4 more weeks
  3. 10 man league I would not be holding Vaughn. Heck in 3/4 of my 12 man leagues he was dropped
  4. 1 C 5x5 Redraft lague ROS, Molino or Ramos?
  5. I am buying wherever I can 50 cents on the dollar
  6. Is Barnes clearly the guy Boston, Ottavino is just dead weight?
  7. So says the guy who thinks DH should be in the NL
  8. 5x5 redraft OF Benintendi Renfroe Enrique Hernandez
  9. [India]'s swing reminds me of Betts a little at times RAKING!!!!!!
  10. IKR and if he wore a Yankee or Red Sox uniform their would have been MVP talk this year
  11. Is he projected to have any AB's this year?
  12. Full time platoon, oh well did not cost me much
  13. Is it just me or is anyone thinking Reyes will end the year as a top 5 closer?
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