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  1. I am buying wherever I can 50 cents on the dollar
  2. Is Barnes clearly the guy Boston, Ottavino is just dead weight?
  3. So says the guy who thinks DH should be in the NL
  4. [India]'s swing reminds me of Betts a little at times RAKING!!!!!!
  5. IKR and if he wore a Yankee or Red Sox uniform their would have been MVP talk this year
  6. Is he projected to have any AB's this year?
  7. Full time platoon, oh well did not cost me much
  8. Is it just me or is anyone thinking Reyes will end the year as a top 5 closer?
  9. Thanks for the help! I would lose Taveras and get Mancini Add Diego and drop Diekman. He just looks so much better!
  10. Yahoo auction With less OF, 2 UT and no MI or CI do I value guys different? C 1B 2B SS 3B OF OF OF UT UT Sp Sp Rp Rp P P P P Bench 5 IL 4
  11. Bench guy until he shows something? Worry about running him out there today vs the Cards. High temp of 60 at game time and a nice day so maybe not a Luis Castillo, Flaherty situation, which I think weather was a big factor but still, I think I bench Mahle today Mahle faced STL thrice last year, giving up 3 ER in each with 4, 2 and 2 BB. Not exactly stellar but not good either for those interested
  12. Only other guy is Romo right? I mean I do not think Wendelken gets in on it with no closing experience
  13. If some thought he may stick does that mean he may be up early May?
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