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  1. In a 5 Keeper League where my planned keepers were 1B Jose Ramirez, SS Gleyber Torres, OF Kyle Tucker, SP Aaron Nola, and SP Lucas Giolito (and other guys I'd think about keeping are 1B Matt Olson, SP Sixto Sanchez, and SP Ian Anderson), would you drop one of those guys and trade away Lucas Giolito and keep Brandon Woodruff and Javi Baez?
  2. Idk what you're roster is like but in a vacuum, id stick with boyd and henderson
  3. I'd pick up Sample and drop Thomas. He has the better QB and got some serious targets last week when Uzomah went down. However you seem pretty good at WR so I'd consider picking up Sample instead of Hamler and have a short leash on all 3 TE's going forward, dropping the worst one soon based on matchups and targets. Even if he gets more targets, I don't see Hamler being a viable fantasy player
  4. I agree with Gallup and Parker. I'd rather go against SEA and JAC than LAC and NE
  5. I like Boyd against a bad and injured Philly defense and Gage, who's got 21 targets already
  6. Drop Cooks... Jeudy will get great targets with Sutton out for the season
  7. Brady was just put on our waiver wire and I currently roster Burrow and Daniel Jones planning to start the best matchup week by week. I'm not looking to roster more than 2 QB's, and I'd probably prefer to drop Jones. Would you pick up Brady for either? The other QB options available aren't great, next highest rostered are Rovers, Herbert, Carr, and Trubisky
  8. I'd take Meadows, best player and too many question marks on the other side
  9. Both replies have Robles much higher than I do so just for my knowledge, why? I definitely don't think he's yet to perform at the level of Nola or Olson yet and Giolito and Tucker are currently killing it as former top prospects like Robles
  10. If you really need a bat I'd take it. We see one-season wonders in the closer position way too often now and I'd be shocked if Yates ever has a similar season to last year. However I really don't believe La Stella is your answer to any questions (this year is a fluke to me) and his peak would never be as high as Yates' peak last year, so only if the extra bat is essential
  11. I think it's plenty. One guy can only take a fantasy team so far, even if that one player is Trout.
  12. I personally like JRod over Witt Jr so I slam the accept button on this. But considering you're in win now mode I'd take it even if I liked Witt.
  13. Degrom is too valuable for this trade. I say hold him
  14. I'm throwing in the towel for this year and looking to trade some promising players to a team going for it for a superstar, since I only get 5 keepers. Here are the players I'm considering keeping in order of my preference: Jose Ramirez, Gleyber Torres, Aaron Nola, Matt Olson, Lucas Giolito, Kyle Tucker, Mike Soroka, Victor Robles, Casey Mize, Gary Sanchez Other players that could be worth something in a trade: Ian Anderson, Sixto Sanchez, Joey Bart, Dallas Keuchel, Kenley Jansen This is a 14-team standard HxH categories league. Which 5 would you keep? And what player packa
  15. This looks like a go IMO, pitching significantly improves for maybe a slight decline in offense
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