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  1. I think your offer is too much to your advantage for that to be accepted. Kluber is a difinitive stud and last year Conforto while healthy was looking like a top 20 outfielder. This trade gets rejected quick, got to adjust the offer.
  2. I like Haniger to have a good year, he doesn't really dominate in any category but carries a good .AVG with decent counting stats. Between him and Suarez your util improves minus a bit of a drop off in SB. I would also keep an eye on Alonso, as if he gets heated up like he did last year he will be a must play for up to two months.
  3. Lot of batters that if they hold their current path of progression you will be doing very well, if they don't the 35 moves cap will become difficult. Your pitching seems solid enough that you wont fall too far behind in overall standing.
  4. I would take that deal. I like what Happ has shown thus far. I am not believing the hype that he is going to hit 40 bombs this year, but they hit for similar average and power is close, while Happ actually steals some bases. Also if he hits leadoff he will be scoring some serious runs this year. Add Clevinger into a staff of similar M.O. of need to prove it over the course of a whole season and it seems to make sense. That and Clevinger could always be flipped later.
  5. I would take Murphy over Baez everyday and twice on Sunday. Have heard too many times he was going to break out, but he'll never hit for average with how much he sells out for the longball.
  6. Who do you keep in a 12 team roto? Pick two of the following Ryan Braun Chris Taylor Matt Carpenter Marwin Gonzalez Lance Mccullers
  7. I would go Barraclough and Green if you are dead-set on taking two relief pitchers on the turn. Green is going to get you wins, 100 ks, and a great ERA which if you are only running a few starters through can be really helpful. I also think there is a good chance that Baraclough ends up with that job or moved some time this year.
  8. I agree with the above poster, however, I am surprised at how shallow the talent is with only 5 teams. How is Greg Bird the 1B here, did two or three teams grab 3 each? If this team is the norm then it is a really interesting constructed league, but with no real frame of references I remain perplexed.
  9. As a person who drafted and waited for Turner last year, no I wouldn't just throw him back. In that offense with his bat he has a legit chance to still make the top 100 from the time he gets back to season close.
  10. 10 Team Roto Standard 5x5 Roto 5x5 C - Sanchez 1B- Hosmer 2B- J. Ramirez 3B- Rendon SS- Segura 2B/SS- Albies 1B/3B- R. Zimmerman OF- Harper, Pham, Castellanos, Dickerson, A. Garcia Utl- Morales Bn-Haniger SP- Kershaw, Verlander, Hendricks, Lester, Bauer, Ohtani RP- Iglesias, Colome, Melancon, S. Greene, C. Green
  11. Need a couple of players to bounce back to get you to the top of the heap (Porcello, Cole, Maeda) but seems to be a team that can stay close enough to the top that with smart waivers you can take the thing. Also relying on a few guys in "Prove it" fantasy years (Grandal, Mancini, Gennett), seems to have risks to it, but nothing that plummets you to the bottom right away.
  12. I probably wouldn't, but I tend to avoid Puig in fantasy every year. I am never confident of his role on the team, health or batting average. Few too many question marks when you are going two for one and have a decent break out possibility with Deshields
  13. Hmm, seems to be a pretty wide spread of thoughts here so far. I am surprised to see Schwarber on so many lists after he struggled most of last year to get to .225 which is a pretty gnarly hit to AVG and OBP
  14. I have been going Arenado this year, then trying to address speed with other picks. So hard to turn down Nolan who is an absolute stud in 4 categories. With the lack of .300 power hitters in good spots to drive in runs it is nice to fill that void early.
  15. You weren't kidding on going heavy on pitching. You stacked the rotation and the bullpen, which ideally will open the doors to trade later if your bats aren't carrying their weight.
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