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  1. Peralta from KC and Romo from TB... Not sexy but RP with SP eligibility and now are garnering saves
  2. Attention Hicks haters: Hicks goes 2 innings and getting his K's up (7 in his last 5.2 innings) ...doing the job. Also 105 is just silly...
  3. Gsellman's save and the possibility of more keep him near the top of the list
  4. He's got 4 whole innings under his belt and is not SP eligibile in Yahoo. So no.
  5. Peacock was an oversight. He's in there for sure as is Will Smith and McHugh
  6. I had Hicks for most of the year. And only needed to drop him bc if so many DL guys. He doesn't dazzle with K's as you'd expect but I am in a non holds league and am it for the ratios and late wins. And to get to my min innings pitched per/week. Hicks isn't a world beater but is mentionable in the conversion.
  7. Top SP eligibile pitchers in no particular order AS OF TODAY 5/19...feel free to add or offer opinions on why not any of these guys... A. Garrett (CIN) R. Gsellman (NYM) Lugo (NYM) B. Norris (STL) J. Hicks (STL)
  8. I was skeptical but looked into him based on the last few posts about Will Smith... I believe https://youtu.be/w6X4--hGeLs
  9. I'm going with 2 of these guys bc and I know this is a stretch. 2 of these guys is almost equal to 1 top 10-20 SP. The ratios and K's might even be higher. With some luck they will 'steal' a win or 2 a week and in some cases a possible save and or hold.... Hicks is my favorite right now. Trying to decide between Gsellman, Garret, Lugo, and Glasnow.
  10. I like a few guys more... Gsellman Lugo Glasnow Amir Garret!
  11. Of the readily available guys I'd rank them: 1- Hicks 2-Glasnow 3-Gsellman 4-Lugo 5-Montgomery I assume Peacock (he'd be #1) is owned in most leagues at this point.
  12. Peacock yes I onmmited him but only bc he was also eligible last year... He'd be my 1st choice actually My order of preference... Brad Peacock Tyler Glasnow Mike Montgomery Alex Reyes Mike Minor will be a SP this year. So he's NOT a RP w/ SP eligibility...
  13. We are taking about RP that have SP eligibility. This thread is full of confused owners. Lol what is the real value of a SP w/ RP eligibility unless you have a strange roster settings or league rules. Montgomery and Glasnow are the only 2 viable options I can see... Alex Reyes when he gets back too!
  14. Glasnow?...pumping 98+. Multiple inning relief role to start the season...
  15. Yea I agree no one has a crystal ball but wait and see is not the approach. Definitely have to be vigilant. "He who hesitates masterbates" - Cable Guy
  16. Mike Montgomery and Alex Reyes are the top 2 I can come up with. We have very liberal eligibility requirements as well. 5 starts in the previous year. Lincecum also but I doubt I have the stones to run him out there.
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