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  1. Looking to find an owner for a year 4 dynasty. CBS. Forever keeper of entire roster. 5 round draft on Sunday evening for new minor league prospects. We roster a full minor league farm system. Daily changes. 10 team. 45 dollar total entry. 30 for prizes and 15 for the cbs fantasy. Roster pics are below. Head to head. Please only respond if you will continue to play year after year.
  2. Need to replace one owner in year 3 of a forever dynasty. Rostering minor leaguers as well. Below are some pics of the team. Very solid young team With several studs and with good minors and the number one prospect. Will only be doing a minor league draft from here on out. Head to head categories. This team would of made playoffs last year had the owner not stopped keeping up with it. Play on cbs. It’s 15 dollars for the cost of cbs per player and 30 for prize money for a total of 45 bucks. Competitive fun league. Please only inquire if your willing to take over the team for the long haul.
  3. We are needing to replace an owner for 10 team dynasty on cbs. Each time has also rosters it’s own minor league players. This will be year 3. The team is pretty good. Springer,yelich, tatis,story, strasburg,snell. Very good rookie and minor league on the roster as well. Wander Franco the number one prospect. I can send pics of the entire roster if you’re interested. Total money is 45. That’s 15 for the cost of cbs and 30 towards prize money. Draft this year will just be for international players that signed this summer and players from the last mlb draft. It’s a fun competitive league. Let
  4. Ok Ill send both you guys an invite if you wanna play. Just FYI it's looking like me have to draft Sunday afternoon due to not filling the league til today and conflicting schedules with other managers.
  5. League has already been paid for. 30 dollar entry for prize money. Drafting this weekend. 10 team head 2 head categories. This is a new startup. Looking for good owners to commit for years to come. We have a good core group that has played in a redraft for years. Roster will have spots for 9 minor leaguers. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. This weekend is probably not doable. We're still short and one manager is out of town
  7. We are starting a 10 team dynasty. With the cbs commissioner league. We've already paid for the league but we are doing a 30 dollar prize fee. Unlimited daily changes with 9 spots for minor leaguers. So I believe it's a 35 round draft. So full keeper. It's going to be head to head categories. Most of the league is people that has played in our redraft league last year but we lost a few when we decided to play dynasty. So we have hopes to keep this league for years to come. And are looking for players that want the same. We may up the fee some next year but we will put it for a vote. Right
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