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  1. 6'1 16 year old Alexander Mojica is dominating the DSL. Usually kids these young, even with immense raw power, only hit a couple homeruns. In only 120 ABs Mojica already has 7 homeruns and 8 doubles. And more walks (27 BB) then Ks (24 K). I know its early and a small sample but Mojica did not get any hype after signing but a close friend of mine familiar with him has told me kid has a beautiful short swing with elite bat speed and already shows a unique ability to hit breaking balls and off speed pitches. Mojica is one to watch very closely but similar to the Rockies farm system, t
  2. Legit!! Not sure why their keeping him in the Cal league but im super curious to see how he handles the jump to AA. Another score to BrockPaperSizzler for starting this thread on another future stud prospect. Ive gotta commend him as He seems to find these guys way before everyone else. After he started a thread on Pete Alonso last year, I picked him right up in my 3 dynasty leagues and reaping the rewards big time. Also he found Blake Snell and Shane Bieber way before anyone else. And after learning about Edward Cabrera a couple of months ago after he put him on the
  3. i read this post couple weeks ago and did not agree with the assessment that gilbert would be up at some point next season but with his promotion to dub A along with his elite control and polish I could see him dominating AA for the rest of the season and starting next season in AAA. hes too advanced. while the cal league isn't what it once was in the days of High Desert and Bakersfield it's still a pitcher's nightmare as long as Lancaster and RC are still around. and Gilbert ate it up. pitchers that basically dominate the Cal league as easy as Gilbert did they tend to put up even better numbe
  4. besides his improved control carrying over into AA. Hes getting better and better at getting more groundouts. a 56% gb% in AA so far but Obviously a 18 inning sample size is too small to read anything into. Tho hes been consistently improving his gb% the last couple of seasons. His 11 HRs in 100 innings last season with Greensboro was a huge red flag. In 58 innings with Jupiter this season he only gave up 1 HR while sporting a 11.33 K/9. Keeping the ball on the ground while vastly improving his k/9 along with the development of his changeup is having Cabrera looking like a possible elite fanta
  5. I second this big time-Diazs hit tool, super advanced plate discipline and his plus ability to actually steal bases [not just have a double plus run tool] was advanced enough for Low A at 17. I understand keeping him in the DSL for the entire season in 2017 when he was 17. Especially since the Rockies do not have a GCL ballclub. But after killing it in the DSL in 17, the stupid Rockies thought it would be good for his development to play his entire 2018 season in the DSL, once again. And now, instead of giving him atleast a shot in Low-A when the baseball season began in April... they ke
  6. Awesome post Jake - I too believe his cangeup has allot of potential. And the reason for your confusion on seeing his slider and curveball: Scouts have always mentioned how you can call his curve a slider since it was difficult to differentiate. They were calling it slurves in some reports last year. This year you can tell its a curveball no doubt- and it's a very good one. Not to be a jackass since you nailed it on your post but he has a 3 pitch not 4 pitch arsenal <Fastball: Curveball: Changeup>. The confusion between the curve and slider was the problem. Like you said though-its the
  7. So my parents have ranch out in Wooded Acres Virginia which is about 5 mins away from Salem Virginia where the HIA Salem red Sox play. I came out here to visit them and i bought tickets to their last 5 games including the one im at now. The main reason I bought the tickets for the 1st 2 games were because i had to see Daniel Lynch (one of my favorite pitchers from last year's draft after Logan Gilbert) and Brady Singer the following day. But i kept coming the following games just to see more of Jurran Duran. Kid has one of the best hit tools I have seen in a long time in person.
  8. dooes he ever get cold?-in 13 inning game tonight Nataniel Lowe got 7 at bats- got on base 6 times-went 2 for 3 with double and 4 walks-seeing on top that his numbers r better then i even thought this year-to have a 190 wrc+ in A+ and 188 wrc+ in double a is really amazing-hes still on waiver in my league-im grabbing tonight
  9. U are right on the money JFS-couldnt Havre sais it better myself
  10. It is frustrating jake-I too really like their young core of hitters in rockees farm-they end up stagnating in the minors which leads to prospect fatigue and decreased value
  11. In love with him-its only a matter of time before he truly breaks out-the 3 prospects that are I want more then anyone are Ronald Acuna, Vlad Jr and Yordan Alvarez-my dynasty leagues trade deadline is coming up tonight and im making dozens of offers to another team that has yordan alvrez, acuna and forrest whitley-my teams pretty awful this year but im offering everything for them especially acuna since im expecting him to be the top fantasy player for years to come in every category but this guy wont give them up when for a deal that includes current great players get
  12. have him in my minors-concerned with the drop in his k rate,-with the heat he throws iwould have figured hed be a big k guy-still have huge hope for him tho minus the marlins
  13. Oh boy did Whitley look great again tonight-I was writing down each pitch I saw him throw and he threw 5, a high-90s ++4 seam fastball, ++curveball, +slider, flashed +changeup and a naaasty +cutter (which he doesn't throw much ive read but its a seriously nasty cutter). and he commanded them all like a boss-imo, whitley has the highest ceiling in the minors-the way he controls his body is incredible, usually tall lanky pitchers have trouble keeping their arms and legs in sync but Whitley has zero problems doing that. at only 20 [I believe hes 20 or 21], to have pretty much 5 plus p
  14. Promoted from A+ straight to AAA-a lot to like with him-still holding on to hope that he develops power-white has a plus hit tool/plus speed/double plus elite defender-hope he rakes in Tacoma he struggled to start the season in A+ but turned it on once he got into a groove-like above poster dirtywater said, hes not flashy but has a really good approach
  15. I have a question for the veteran stat guys here-i have always bin going to fangraphs to see pitchers advanced stats like Helsleys but they don't show swstr% for the pitchers there-is there another site that shows advanced stats especially one that shows swstr%-thanks
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