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  1. Full-on beast mode!! Alonso was loose, and had fun...an entertaining display of power 😀
  2. https://www.orthoillinois.com/hand-wrist-elbow/flexor-tendinitis-of-the-thumb-and-fingers/
  3. Draft Sunday! Season stats start Monday... ^Seven of nine teams already paid [w/ 2 teams awaiting for the league to fill...] Let's Go!
  4. This is a competitive, Daily, Redraft, Non-Keeper, Mixed League, 3X Weekly Matchups [4th season] w/ an Online Snake Draft [28 rounds] scheduled for April 4th @ 9PM EST Prize: 1st $480, 2nd $360, 3rd $240, 4th $120 [Fantrax Treasurer] Note: Our league is set for public access. Otherwise, leave your email or DM me and I'll send you an invite, then you can peruse & decide... https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/1ez1ucvlkfmxvpbb/home | https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/1ez1ucvlkfmxvpbb/rules Note: this league format is based on the traditional ESPN Standard league [10T, HTH, 5X5 Cat, Redraft, Mixed]. The primary differences are the expansion of the roster from 26 to 28 players, adding another UT line-up spot, only one division, and eliminating the IL. Line-ups do not lock until games actually start, which ESPN would normally lock regardless of game delays, etc. Also, the 3X is a new wrinkle (implemented during C19}, increasing weekly match-ups during a shorten season (in '20, we had 5 team match-ups each week). The increased match-ups maximizes competition, and help mitigate luck.
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