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  1. Do you still have an opening? If so, my email is justinraffone@gmail.com. Thanks!
  2. Hey Paul, I’d be willing to take a look at the settings and rules of the league. Thanks
  3. Is this a free league? If so I’d be interested in taking over the expansion team or team 3
  4. Can be a new league or taking over a team. I like leagues that use a forum instead of discord but open to anything. Site doesn’t matter much. Can be a bid or contract league or true dynasty. Free leagues are great. Unfortunately can’t do any leagues over like $50 entry fee and wouldn’t want to throw my money away for three years completely rebuilding lol...
  5. Justinraffone@gmail.com. Myself and a friend may be interested in taking these two teams
  6. Myself and another fantasy baseball fiend are looking to join a dynasty league. New or currently running. We both have been in leagues for over 15 years. Leagues that use proboards would be a plus. Any site works.
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