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  1. Can’t view the details of your league. Can you post a link so non members can view? What’s the draft date? Are there pick trades allowed? And is OBP or BA part of the scoring settings?
  2. How many more owners you need? And have you ever run a baseball league before? Definitely interested though. Also will draft pick trading be allowed?
  3. I check the mlb fantasy finder section on a daily basis. I’m curious if there is a way, or a way could be implemented, to block threads which don’t meet our needed specifications. That way we’re not rechecking the same thread by accident. Overall it would make browsing and finding a good league a lot easier. Thanks.
  4. Damn I’m definitely interested but can’t do batting average over obp for a stat category. Have any of your long term league members ever asked about switching from ba to obp? Otherwise I’d probably join.
  5. Still any spots left? Also do you accept leaguesafe payments? And is there any chance you’re open to changing batting average to obp?
  6. Batting average, rather than obp, as a category? I’m definitely interested in joining a high dollar league but you should consider making a category switch.
  7. With that massive contract only in year two the Dodgers will sit him three quarters of the time? It's the right move to make, but financially it's tough to have a contract that big on the bench so often.
  8. Drafted Robert just outside the top 100. I know he'll hurt me with the OBP. Is he expected to hit at the bottom of the order for long? Would love if Renteria got more aggressive with base running this year too.
  9. So does Edman open the season as a starter? Or does he need an injury or downturn in performance to get in the lineup everyday?
  10. Went with Greinke, partially based on this being a wins based league. Also besides the track record being extensive Greinke had a velocity boost this spring. Basically I took the floor of Greinke over the ceiling of Giolito. Good move?
  11. Darvish, Giolito, Greinke and Paddock. Greinke is the safest choice due to the track record. Any recommendations to go for one of the other three, and ideally why? Thanks.
  12. Had my first really tough choice in the fourth round. Debated between Meadows and Springer. Took Springer but tried my best to trade back a few slots so I could get Meadows and move up in a few rounds. Bregman, Rendon, Yordan and Springer. Pretty damn confident with four of the five offensive categories. Hopefully Houston plays with a chip on their shoulder to prove the haters wrong.
  13. Went with Yordan. Fairly confident i'm not making a mistake banking so much on two Astros.
  14. That's what I was thinking. I would be a stud with four of the five offensive categories. Am I correct in valuing Yordan more than Alonso or Marte? I'm just a bit nervous that the knee injury could turn into a potential IL trip for Alvarez. And the sign stealing shouldn't be an issue I'm assuming since Yordan's road numbers are still excellent.
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