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  1. I’m interested in this too. Also it’s odd that Knebel has had an increase in his four seam velocity yet he barely threw the pitch in his last outing. Is his curve that good?
  2. Really you're low on Hendricks and Hoskins? Hendricks is durable and a lock to give a quality ERA and WHIP. And Hoskins is super reliable for all of the fantasy categories outside of steals. I personally see the first part as more risky. Yordan has first round caliber skills but is playing on terrible knees. And Devers typically is a poor OBP threat, with good but not great power. So he's reliant on his lineup to be competent in front and behind him to excel in counting stats. Personally Devers wasn't the guy I wanted with that 48th overall pick, even though his ADP is signific
  3. I dealt the number three overall pick in my just completed draft for four selections. Had I kept this pick I would have taken Juan Soto. The players I ended up taking with my four acquired picks were Devers, Yordan Alvarez, Kyle Hendricks and Hoskins. Thoughts on if I made out alright with this exchange? Any thoughts on my roster too? I know my biggest weakness is not getting saves, which I'm content with. I love my IL and NA listing though. Used late round picks on Thor, Wander Franco, Calhoun and Kim from St Louis. Biggest keys are keeping Yordan and Glasnow healthy, as wel
  4. I’d prefer not to have to rely so much on one player. Between injuries and potential covid positive tests I like the idea of picking up multiple elite talents for that top three selection. Would going from 3 to 12, picking up the 13th overall and a pick in the sixties or seventies be fair compensation?
  5. I have a top three selection in a re-draft league and am considering trading down. I'm curious if there is a free online tool that shows what proper worth is for draft picks in terms of what is received in return. For instance the tool evaluator would be able to say if trading down from three to 12 is worth picking up 13 overall and say a fifth round pick. Thanks.
  6. Can’t view the details of your league. Can you post a link so non members can view? What’s the draft date? Are there pick trades allowed? And is OBP or BA part of the scoring settings?
  7. How many more owners you need? And have you ever run a baseball league before? Definitely interested though. Also will draft pick trading be allowed?
  8. I check the mlb fantasy finder section on a daily basis. I’m curious if there is a way, or a way could be implemented, to block threads which don’t meet our needed specifications. That way we’re not rechecking the same thread by accident. Overall it would make browsing and finding a good league a lot easier. Thanks.
  9. Damn I’m definitely interested but can’t do batting average over obp for a stat category. Have any of your long term league members ever asked about switching from ba to obp? Otherwise I’d probably join.
  10. Still any spots left? Also do you accept leaguesafe payments? And is there any chance you’re open to changing batting average to obp?
  11. Batting average, rather than obp, as a category? I’m definitely interested in joining a high dollar league but you should consider making a category switch.
  12. With that massive contract only in year two the Dodgers will sit him three quarters of the time? It's the right move to make, but financially it's tough to have a contract that big on the bench so often.
  13. Drafted Robert just outside the top 100. I know he'll hurt me with the OBP. Is he expected to hit at the bottom of the order for long? Would love if Renteria got more aggressive with base running this year too.
  14. So does Edman open the season as a starter? Or does he need an injury or downturn in performance to get in the lineup everyday?
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