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  1. Oh wait. I thought there was only one opening remaining. If there’s multiple slots available I think I might be able to take one. Where I’ll be at that Sunday I might not have access to a computer. Is drafting via the app just as easy as via the regular site? Email for an invite is sps82088@yahoo.com
  2. If that guy doesn't respond to the invite in a few days I might be interested in signing up.
  3. By the way, what happens if a league I join doesn't have enough members come draft time? Would you be open to have a slightly smaller league? Like ten teams, rather than twelve.
  4. For the 400 dollar 8x8 are you open to moving the time up an hour or so? Also since you're not wanting to include superfluous statistics have you thought about eliminating strikeouts for hitters and wins for pitchers?
  5. I've been in the same league for years, but am looking for a new one (as mine likely isn't reforming). Are 8x8 and 10x10 the most common formats for most leagues? I did 5x5 for years. Also I'm looking at your 23rd and 24th draft leagues as being an ideal fit. Do both leagues have mainly the same owners?
  6. Long time player looking to join a category based league. Also if possible the draft would be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks. PS: I'm open to playing in a league with a heavy buy in cost.
  7. Back this YEAR? Not this week but this year. Ugh deciding what to do with Suárez is going to be tough for every owner. The upcoming red schedule looked really tasty too 👎 Considering the reds aren’t contending would a late week return be too optimistic?
  8. I need to know asap too. I’ve got him as my third baseman and it’s playoff time this coming week.
  9. Just picked up and am nervously starting because of a weak matchup against Detroit. Anyone watch today’s matchup? The hit and strikeout rates were good against a much better lineup than he’ll face next. Should manaea owners feel optimistic?
  10. All right handed opposing pitchers this upcoming week for the Dodgers so I'll be starting for round one of the playoffs :D. Any realistic Lux comps? I was burned by Kyle Tucker last year. Hopefully Lux isn't Tucker 2.0.
  11. How long is the leash projected to be for Cease? Obviously Chicago isn't in contention, so they can afford to be patient. Barring absolute atrocious walk totals is Cease a safe bet to remain in the big league rotation the rest of the season? Odd first two starts by the way. First start featured four walks and few hits allowed. The second start featured only one walk, but way too many hits allowed. Completely different ways to fail.
  12. The strikeout and walk rates are fine for Boyd. Home Runs allowed have been the big issue. In a redraft league would it be absurd to drop Boyd? Unless Boyd is dealt to Houston, who seem to maximize pitcher potential, he seems too unreliable to start. Any underlying stats which show reason to expect improvement soon?
  13. So how does the Indian catching situation work? Does Perez have any pitcher in their rotation he doesn't catch for? Based on the game logs I've seen for Perez it seems like he sits about twice per week, which I would think is typical for a starting catcher. Just looking to figure out the formula for how Cleveland rests Perez. Overall I feel good about dropping Ramos for Perez since Ramos was being benched too often. Doesn't seem as though Perez has that problem.
  14. Any reason behind the massive offensive spike? [...] The power is impressive.
  15. For the longest period of time I've considered Detroit, San Diego and San Francisco to be three of the most pitcher friendly parks in baseball. What's caused Detroit to no longer lean pitcher friendly? Maybe it's due to all the bad AL Central pitching. The dimensions are still pitcher friendly I think.
  16. Does the improved defense and potential Coaching staff tweaks significantly override going from an extreme pitcher friendly park to Minute Maid?
  17. Just had my trade offer accepted. It was Doolittle, Glasnow and Hunter Dozier for Kyle Hendricks. On paper it seems like too much to give up but here's my rationale. Best case scenario Glasnow doesn't return to late August. And even then there's the issue of pitch count limits and rust. Honestly he was a guy I was getting ready to sell for 40 cents on the dollar since my league has no IL slots and I couldn't afford to have two IL players. Doolittle is horribly horribly injury prone and I was able to pick up another good closer in Pagan with the newly opened roster spots. Plu
  18. Any idea how many relief appearances before Nate is relief eligible on ESPN? Picked him up because of the massive save potential but I'm wondering how long I have to wait before I can slot him in a relief role.
  19. Not worried about the two month layoff leading to ineffectiveness? As for Teheran, is it more the met matchup or waiting for him to turn into a pumpkin?
  20. The lack of home runs allowed is unsustainable. So what's a realistic ERA and WHIP from here on out?
  21. Considering starting Mike Clevinger in his return from the DL. He has Texas and Detroit next week. My options to bench are Matt Boyd, who is facing Pittsburgh. Teheran, who is facing the Mets. And Lance Lynn, who is facing Cleveland and the White Sox. Boyd has been struggling lately. And with Teheran and Lynn the question is how much longer will they consider to pitch above their track records. Any of the three worth benching for a player who has been on the DL for about two months?
  22. First and Third Base eligibility to boot. Only downside with Dozier is the surrounding lineup isn't exactly top shelf, which hurts his RBI and Run scoring opportunities. Any comps though for Dozier?
  23. Ohhhhhhhh fudge. I'm going to the Red Wing on Thursday with the main motivation of seeing Vlad Jr. Hopefully he's good to go by then.
  24. Every time I see a new reply in this thread I pounce on it thinking a report will be posted stating a promotion is taking place. I'm thinking the odds of a promotion are less than ten percent though. No reason to give up the extra year of service time for a bad team.
  25. By late August where's Vlad most likely to be playing? Toronto's Triple-A affiliate is due to come to my town by that point. Would love to see him hit live.
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