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  1. Ohhhhhhhh fudge. I'm going to the Red Wing on Thursday with the main motivation of seeing Vlad Jr. Hopefully he's good to go by then.
  2. Every time I see a new reply in this thread I pounce on it thinking a report will be posted stating a promotion is taking place. I'm thinking the odds of a promotion are less than ten percent though. No reason to give up the extra year of service time for a bad team.
  3. By late August where's Vlad most likely to be playing? Toronto's Triple-A affiliate is due to come to my town by that point. Would love to see him hit live.
  4. Chacin Guerra Miley Peralta Anderson So unless one gets removed, or Counsell goes with a six man rotation, there's no room for Burnes.
  5. Glad I didn't make a silly short term drop when Garcia hit the DL. My team's biggest weakness is Home Runs and that has a chance to be Avi's biggest strength. So is Garcia another one of the many launch angle revolution beneficiaries? Hoping that this power surge isn't temporary and we're looking at a long term home run threat. 30+ Homers over the course of a full season a legitimate possibility?
  6. I've tried with several different combinations built around Albies to get Judge. No dice. Tried another Albies package combo for Harper. Again no dice. Hoping the Benintendi trade is accepted. If you needed Shortstop help would you have been willing to deal Albies for the injured Correa?
  7. Really? Hoskins plus another decent asset? I assumed the long cold stretch hurt Albies' value at least a bit. I just offered Albies for Benintendi straight up. If that's rejected I'd probably be willing to include either David Peralta or Zach Godley as well. Only thing that worries me about Benintendi is being poor versus LHP. So if Boston faces three or more lefty starters in a particular week his value takes a substantial hit. Also while Jose Peraza is hot now his track record isn't exactly significant. So I wouldn't be opposed to a shortstop upgrade. If you w
  8. Albies for Hoskins straight up a fair deal then? Both are young hitters who have gone through long cold stretches. But Hoskins likely is a better threat to hit Home Runs, which is a category I'd like to improve upon. I've been trying my best to built a Judge trade package around Albies. No dice though.
  9. You really think Albies is superior to Rendon? Rendon has been a counting stat stud lately though (and has been that for years). Other than the power surge at the start of the season I'm not sure Albies is much of a threat to hit Home Runs (which is my biggest offensive weakness).
  10. I have no where to play Ozzie Albies, so I'd like to deal him for either rotation or outfield help. If I could deal Albies and a decent secondary piece for Hoskins would that be a fair price to pay? Another person I'm thinking about is George Springer, even though he's slumping. Seems like a good buy low candidate. Any idea what's behind his recent struggles? And has Springer's value dipped so much that it's clearly below Albies'? Thanks.
  11. Colorado is in the thick of the WC and Divisional hunt. Plus everyone knows Gonzo is terrible away from Coors. So it's not as if the haul in return would be significant.
  12. Considering dropping Junior Guerra for Mike Fiers. The drop decision is based on Guerra's forearm strain and being a bad WHIP bet because of his high walk totals. Is Fiers simply going through a hot stretch and due to come crashing down to earth soon? And isn't a forearm strain often a precursor to an elbow injury? Overall would this be a good transaction to make? Thanks. PS: I could drop Wheeler instead. I just have a hard time getting past the higher upside.
  13. Nimmo and Winker do have a fair amount in common in terms of being young lefty hitters with excellent eyes at the plate. For the short term I prefer Winker though, due to the fact he plays in the clearly superior lineup. That lineup will likely continue to present him with far more RBI and run opportunities.
  14. Own percentage on ESPN is under 20 percent. Surprised Winker still hasn't been discovered by the masses yet. Should put up strong OBP's for the long run due to the excellent eye at the plate. And he's hitting after Votto and Suarez, so plenty of RBI opportunities should present themselves. Not much in terms of power or speed. But certainly a very good third outfielder in a four outfielder league.
  15. *Fingers crossed Vlad stays in Triple-A until September 1st*. Toronto's Triple-A affiliate is due to come to Rochester, where I live, in late August. Would love to see Vlad play live.
  16. Any idea if there is a velocity increase? I love a Tiger as a streaming option. Pitcher friendly home park and not a lot of offensive firepower in the division.
  17. You're a good person to ask this question to since you have Correa. Would Albies, Peraza and Hader or Godley for a hurt Correa be too risky on my part? Obviously the upside with Correa is massive, particularly for a Shortstop. But how long will that back injury linger? And if so will it significantly hurt his ability to slug? I'd love to buy low on Correa. It's just a question if giving up Albies and Peraza is worth the injury risk.
  18. With Jose Altuve occupying Second Base I have a bit of a conundrum owning these three quality players. One can start at third, and one in the Utility spot. That leaves one on the bench. Ozzie was the obvious choice for the bench spot until recently. However now he's tremendously hot. I'd be very open to flipping one of these three players for an Outfielder, Starting Pitcher or possibly a Shortstop. Which one should I deal though? I'm leaning towards Albies, although I'll admit being biased against him because I tend to be wary of young hitters who succeed despite
  19. Over the past hour or so I've understandably received A LOT of interest in Freddy Peralta. Peralta's repertoire seems to mainly be a low 90's fastball. Besides this pitch, and some delivery deception, what is accounting for his incredible performance in three of his four starts? I desperately need a Shortstop, and maybe one more Outfielder. So if I can take advantage of an over achieving Peralta to get the job done I'd love to do it. Just curious what are realistic results to look for in the future. Thanks.
  20. I like the sinker/change up combo a lot. While the no home runs allowed is obviously unsustainable, should we expect the ground ball rate and home runs allowed to continue working in Covey's favor? If so he seems like a safer start than a headcase like Godley.
  21. Need a Shortstop very badly so would giving up Rendon for Alex Bregman be fair? I know Rendon has more counting stat upside but Bregman plays a premium position I need help at. So is giving away some upside for an upgrade at position of need a solid trade off? I'd be less likely to make the trade if I felt Rendon was likely to regain his 2017 form sometime soon. Is there any underlying evidence suggesting he is due for an upswing in performance? Thanks.
  22. If an injury were to occur in the Houston rotation within the next few weeks would Whitley be the person called up to replace him? Or does his endurance need to be built up more?
  23. Two consecutive games with high walk totals, for a pitcher who needs pin point control to succeed, is worrying. Next weeks start for Mengden is against the White Sox. Do they feature an overly aggressive lineup? If so that would seem like the ideal match up for a rebound outing.
  24. Thanks for the Guerra recommendation. The strikeout totals aren't very impressive, but he continues to be a real asset for ERA and WHIP. Really needed a rotation boost after Stephen Glassburg hit the DL again.
  25. Wow you're really down on Mengden. So I'm assuming you think his last start against the Rangers is a sign of things to come. He did pitch well against Houston earlier in the season though. Did you happen to catch any of Mengden's last start to see what went wrong?
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