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  1. So if one of the three mentioned above were to land on the DL sometime this season would Rodgers be deemed polished enough to be a legitimate possibility to replace them?
  2. The Athletic article is behind a paywall. Do they get specific on the term fast track? Fast track could mean a September call up. Or making the team out of Spring Training next year. Is it worth picking up Rodgers in a re-draft league? I could really use a shortstop, and getting a highly touted one who plays at Coors would be phenomenal. Essentially I'm curious if there is an outside chance of a call up prior to August 1st or so.
  3. Strasburg is now on the DL and I need to replace his spot in the rotation for next week. The options are: Mengden vs Houston Guerra vs Cubs and Phillies Godley vs Mets Keeping Strasburg in the spot so my ERA and WHIP aren't hurt Mengden looked brilliant up until last start. Godley has clearly been the worst, but the Met match up is very favorable. Guerra's overall numbers are good, but he's been trending in the wrong direction for the past month.
  4. Problem for Profar is Andrus is due back from the DL soon. Once that happens I don't know how often Profar starts.
  5. Four homers allowed, and three walks, in only four innings pitched. Facing Houston next. Seems like a benching might be in order. Particularly for a pitcher who relies on command to succeed.
  6. Officially released. I really wanted to hold onto Jake, due to pitching in that awful division. Problem is he can't even take advantage of the bad division when a team like the White Sox continues to hit him. Hopefully Guerra turns into an upgrade. Love his relief eligibility too.
  7. Need a Shortstop very badly and I'm willing to shift Ross Stripling over to relief in Knebel's spot. I'd be punting away the Save category, but I think it's worth it to get a good Shortstop. Anyways is getting Chris Taylor worth giving up Knebel? Obviously Taylor will cool down, but he has massive run scoring potential in the Dodger leadoff spot. Good OBP threat too.
  8. How recently did you pick Eloy up? I'm hoping for a promotion by early July. That way I can get about one month of Eloy prior to the fantasy playoffs. I'll give the Sox a lot of credit if they promote Eloy this year. If they do that they're clearly basing promotions based on merit and not service time. If I were a Sox fan I'd be irritated. But as a fantasy player that sort of move is very commendable.
  9. Took the plunge and added Eloy too (via dropping Soroka). A power hitting Outfielder is at the top of my needs list. If Eloy is promoted soon he could be an absolute monster considering his home park and the terrible division he plays in. I'm assuming Tucker is more likely for a promotion though, since Houston is fighting for a divisional crown and could use another bat. So if Tucker is promoted first I'll probably add him by dropping Eloy.
  10. Both Mengden and Stripling have been pitching at incredibly hot paces lately. Either one likely to significantly regress to being close to average? Looking to see if I should sell high soon.
  11. Should I expect improvement versus lefties this season? Also should I be willing to include another well above average asset, with Rendon, to get Benintendi? I'm willing to overpay for outfield help, but I would think Rendon and Andrew have similar trade value.
  12. I need Outfield help, and with Suarez on my bench, have a Third Baseman to spare in Rendon. However two things concern me about one of my main targets in Andrew Benintendi. One he's terrible against LHP. So in a given week if the Sox face three lefty starters Benintendi could have limited upside. And two his monthly stats last season were horribly inconsistent. Literally on a month to month basis he went from being great to bad. So my questions are as follows: -can Bentintendi get to the point this season where he is at least competent versus LHP. -will
  13. I have three unproductive Outfielders in Buxton, DeShields and Peralta. Which one should I drop in a year to year league? Stat categories are OBP, Homers, RBI, runs and stolen bases. -Buxton has the most upside, and I spent a top 100 pick on him, but he's clearly the worst hitter as of now. -DeShields has no power or RBI potential. But is an elite base stealer, very good in runs scored, and could be a tolerable OBP threat. -Peralta is a good OBP threat with decent power, who's going through a prolonged slump. Buxton is the obvious answer. Ho
  14. Any particular reason for July 15th?
  15. So Passan's comment of Eloy being a few weeks away was based purely on his own thought process, and no inside sources? I just can't get my head wrapped around the idea of the Sox giving away a whole year of team control with a promotion this year.
  16. League average stuff? Fastball has been sitting at 93 to 94, which is decent. Any of his breaking pitches grade as plus? Also Hendricks has been elite for two+ years despite not being able to hit 90 mph. A big part of the success is his plus changeup. Does Bieber have a good changeup?
  17. Recent quote? And was he referring to Eloy specifically with this comment?
  18. As a Sox fan I'm assuming you know the organizational philosophy well. Could you see Chicago keeping Eloy in the minors for the rest of this season, and early next year, to manipulate his service time? Or will they promote Eloy to the bigs when they feel he's ready? Overall do you expect a promotion at least a few weeks prior to September? Seriously considering picking up Eloy. I could use a slugging outfielder really badly.
  19. Any particular reason for Stoney's logic? did he feel as though Eloy needed an extended run through Triple-A?
  20. Any of the offspeed pitches grade as plus? And what about groundball rate? I do like the fact that he would pitch in the AL Central. Pitching in that division would allow Bieber to feast on some bad lineups.
  21. Noticed Bieber wasn't a top 100 prospect on MILB.com entering the season. Too much early season excitement? Or is this someone that if an updated list were to be created would have a chance at cracking the top 50?
  22. Couldn't hurt to promote Eloy to Triple-A first. He'd have a chance to face ex-big leaguers with decent breaking stuff.
  23. With Andrus due back from the DL soon I'm attempting to trade for him to upgrade from Semien at Shortstop. I would likely be getting better in OBP and stolen bases. The 20 home runs for Andrus seemingly came out of no where though. Should that power surge be expected to return this year? Also I noticed Andrus' 2017 pre-all star break stolen base total was 20. The post-all star total was five. Any particular reason as to why he became less aggressive on the base paths? Overall should I attempt to be aggressive in trading for Andrus with the thought process that it w
  24. That's the perspective I have. With or without Eloy the Sox are going to be terrible. So why have one less year of team control with a promotion this year. Others though seem to think the Sox will base an Eloy promotion off of merit, rather than service time.
  25. Favorite for save opportunities with Iglesias hurt?
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