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  1. Semien is elite with runs scored, above average with home runs and solid with stolen bases. Bad with OBP though. With Adames I'm expecting a much better OBP and similar stolen bases totals. Lineup placement will determine RBI's and runs scored.
  2. I'd like to know too. Of all the needs on my team power hitting outfielder ranks at the top.
  3. Only downside with Forrest is how good the Houston rotation is. So unless someone gets hurt we probably don't see him until September.
  4. By late August is it more likely Vlad Jr is in Triple A or the majors? I live in Rochester NY and the Bisons, Toronto's Triple-A affiliate, are coming to town August 28th through August 30th. Would love to see him in person before he reaches the majors. Personally I wouldn't promote Vlad until after April 15th 2019. With or without Vlad Toronto is going no where. I'm not giving up a year of service time on a potential MVP for a September call up.
  5. Realistic best case Colin Moran comp is probably Mark Grace. High OBP first baseman with mid teen home run numbers. Had to decide between dropping Moran or Matt Adams when I heard Juan Soto was promoted today. Went with dropping Adams. With Moran at least I know I'll be getting a good OBP, even if the counting stats aren't there. Adams has significantly more power, but is way too streaky for my taste.
  6. I have no problem manipulating service time for the April 15th deadline. But screwing around with a potential impact prospect for super two status is pathetic. Once Adames is promoted what would a realistic second half stat line look like? 340 OBP, eight homers and half a dozen steals? Semien isn't an overly intriguing Shortstop for me. So would love if Adames could be the next Ozzie Albies and be a spark plug right away.
  7. Any chance some power ever comes from that big 6'4'' frame? I love the OBP, and the RBI total is solid enough. Wondering if Moran is anything more than a 15 homer type player though.
  8. Realistic chance Soroka doesn't return until July due to the Braves taking a conservative approach? Wondering if I should just cut bait with Soroka rather than playing the waiting game.
  9. I could use an Outfielder fairly badly. Would offering Andrew Miller for two+ months of Pollock be excessive. Owner of Pollock in my league is awful in relief, so he might be tempted. And I have Hader, Knebel and Bradley as my three relievers.
  10. Noticed we both have Altuve. Holding off on trading him due to hoping his power/speed combo returns soon? I'm curious why he's attempted so few stolen bases.
  11. Within the past two days I've picked up two under the radar young pitchers in Jamie Barria and Matt Koch. However I'm thinking about picking up another hitter, and might need to drop one. Which one is less likely to significantly regress? I would think Barria, since Koch's strikeout numbers are so bad. I also have Michael Soroka, but would I be correct in rating him above Barria and Koch?
  12. Picked up Koch today due to being relief eligible. Am I off base in assuming Koch is more valuable as my third reliever than elite setup men like Miller and Bradley (who are my other options for that third relief spot). Not sure how much he's due to regress though (due to the poor strikeout numbers).
  13. A whole bunch of Pitchers were dropped yesterday for the start of the new week. The list includes: Matt Koch Marcus Stroman Junior Guerra Zach Britton Nick Kingham I picked up Koch due to his relief eligibility, which allows me to potentially gain quality starts from a relief slot. Is he a candidate to seriously regress? Any of the other options better? I could use another Closer, so Britton is appealing. Or are any of the Starting Pitchers better bets? Stroman is a big name, but he's gotten off to a horrible start.
  14. Getting really frustrated with the lack of power and speed production from Altuve. Any rumors of the lack of stolen base attempts due to some sort of lower body injury hampering his speed? Or perhaps the Astros getting more conservative on the base paths. Wondering why the lack of slugging too. Within the next week I could easily end up deciding to sell for a package deal to upgrade in the Outfield and rotation. If I hold on too long his perceived value could be hurt too much.
  15. Not a Delino fan? He's elite when it comes to stolen bases and runs scored. And his OBP was decent last year too. Honestly I'd probably replace Span or Brantley in the Outfield instead. I might look to trade for Lindor or Machado instead of Turner. I really don't need more stolen bases with Delino and Buxton in my lineup. I could use a slugger instead to help me with Homers.
  16. The five offensive categories are: OBP, runs, RBI's, homers and stolen bases. Turner's OBP in 2016 and this season was fantastic. And in 2017 disappointing. Which should I expect at the end of this season? Come the end of the season I would suspect OBP, homers and RBI's for Altuve. And runs/Stolen Bases for Turner. So while Altuve is the more well rounded player I guess the question is whether getting the lesser player is worth filling a position of need. I also could use outfield help since Fowler and Buxton have been garbage. I'm going to try and Outfield swap
  17. I've needed a Shortstop for a while now, due to Corey Seager being out for the year. I also have Ozzie Albies as a Utility Man. Anyways I let another owner know I'd be interested in an Altuve/Turner trade package. The package he offered was Altuve and Knebel for Turner and Sonny Gray. Considering I desperately need Shortstop help, and have a Second Baseman to spare, is this a tolerable trade? Gray has improved lately also, due to Romine being his catcher. The opposing owner also has Kyle Hendricks. If I can get Hendricks substituted for Gray would that be enough?
  18. If you're the Sox why start his service time clock this season? With or without Eloy you're not contending. So I would think promoting Kopech and Eloy after April 15th 2019 would make sense for the long term.
  19. Legitimate possibility of a first half promotion? My Outfield, with Buxton and Fowler underachieving, is a massive work in progress. Would love a chance to grab a breakthrough Outfield prospect.
  20. Any particular reason CC is a bad matchup against Boston? He's looked good nearly every start. Godley on the other hand has been walking a lot of batters a lot lately, so he's a risk for a poor WHIP (even if he puts up a good ERA).
  21. Looking to fill my last rotation spot for next week. The choices are: Sabathia vs Boston Odorizzi at St Louis Godley at Dodgers and Washington Wins aren't a category by the way. Just WHIP, ERA, Quality Starts and K's. Godley has been rocked the Dodgers and Nats already this season. Is he too risky a play for next week? Sabathia has the lowest strikeout potential of the trio. But he's also had only one bad start. Is Boston too tough a matchup for him?
  22. I'll be starting Hader even when Knebel is off the DL. His contributions in ERA, strikeouts and WHIP are top notch. I'd gladly take an elite setup man over an average closer. That's why I start Archie Bradley too.
  23. Thinking Ozzie is due to slump soon based on the aggressive approach? Also dropping Buxton is a bit risky considering how great he was in the second half. I'm hoping that wasn't a fluke performance. Expecting that to hinder his power the entire season? I'll admit to being biased towards Carpenter based on loving plate discipline, and Carp being elite in that area for years.
  24. Catcher: Realmuto 1b: Carp or Mancini 2b: Altuve ss: Was Seager now Semien 3b: Suarez until Rendon gets healthy Outfield: Peralta, Delino, Brantley, Hicks (Buxton and Fowler on bench) Utility: Albies
  25. Matt Carpenter has gotten off to a horrible start and Mancini hasn't been much better. Would dumping Mancini in favor of Matt Adams be a good idea? Seems as though Adams could be the long term first base option against RHP. Should I expect that to be the case? If so would Adams indeed be an improvement over Mancini? If not what about Colin Moran or Mitch Moreland?
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